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Workshhets: Height and width


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First off, Let me say I am a novice in regards to worksheets. My goal is to create symbols with records attached that represent actual common trimboards sizes. To put it simply, I would create a extrude that measures 11.25"w x 16'L x 3/4" thick for a 1x12x16, and make a symbol out of it, with a record attached to it. I would like to then be able to grab this symbol from my library and manipulate the length to "trim" my model. I would then like to be able to use a worksheet to tell me the individual board lengths, and totals, to create a dynamic updating stock list.

I have been able to get this to partially work,but when I use the =WIDTH and =HEIGHT functions to get the actual length of the symbol on the model the formulas give me the delta x and delta y depending on how the symbol is orientated on the page, not the height and width of the symbol. Are there different functions I could be use to accomplish this? I know the information is there somewhere because the PIO displays the height and width correctly.

(I attached a screen shot in hopes it would clear things up)


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Yeah I have been suffering with the same problem. I did experiment with a bit of maths and the XCenter and YCentre functions etc (using a 2d loci on each corner of the extrude within the symbol and referenving to the loci rather than the extrude. And then used a bit of pythagoris for the extrudes at an angle. From memory Once you can get 2 contants you can use the volume (tool) divided by two of the contants to give you the third value. IE if you use the height tool and can get the length to work then in order to get the width rather than using painfull maths, just use the VOLUME (function) divide by the hieght and length.

That probably makes no sense but sorry am in a bit of a hurry.

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The framing member seams promising, but again, I am having trouble getting the length of the board. Height and width, no problem, but length? I can query the 'line length' or span but not actual length of a pitched board.

I also can't figure out how to query the area, so can't use length=volume/area.

I can get the 'nominal dimension' (i.e. 1" x 12" x 18') which is semi-useful, but that value can't totaled or manipulated. So again, the value I want is right there, (in this case the 18') but I can't bring it in to a worksheet in a useful way.

I will try extrudes again, but I think it would be faster and more accurate to 'trim' a house w/ framing member tool, as it has miter settings, and pitch and bevel cuts.

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