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I have a worksheet with a database.

The selection criteria is all objects whose layer is X whose class is Y and whos Record is Z.

On layer X there are 5 objects that meet that criteria.

There are no VPs on the layer.

In the worksheet howvere it brings up results including all the instances on VPs, by this I mean if there are 5 objects on that layer and that layer is shown on 10 viewports it tells me there are 50 objects that meet that criteria.

How can i make my criteria more specific???

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i am assuming the box that says "Including components of: Viewports" is UNchecked...

That button is for SLVP and not for DLVP.

worksheets do not treat DLVP as VP but as the objects in the VP like there was no VP.

If you think about it, it's all simple and clean:

DLVP are there for other reasons that SLVP are. DLVP are meant to show things multiple times and draw them once. So when you draw one room, and that room is 12X in a building, you just use a DLVP to that room 12x in your drawing. If you then make a worksheet, that worksheet will find the objects 12x if the original was in another file and 13x if the original was in the same file.

If you want to get rid of them in worksheets and get only the original, then place them on other layers and let the criteria not look on those layers.

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Yeah I tried that and it seems no matter how specific I am with the layer reference ( layer with only 1 VP, or model with just objects) the criteria pallette says I have Z number of those objects that meet the criteria but when I exit It says I have Z x "number of layers".

Hope that makes sense.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


This is strange.

Try again and double-check to make sure that the worksheet lists only objects that meet the layer criteria.

To check that, add a column in the worksheet and enter =L to return the object's layers.

Also, are you comparing the results from the Custom Selection command and those from the worksheet database ? You may see differences in the number of objects that meet the criteria. The reason is that because DLVPs objects are not selectable, no search is performed in DLVPs when running Custom Selection.




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Yeah I have checked this.

In the column headed "=L" I get a list containing only the one layer name. I also have a column giving me the length and that just hos duplicates of the same value.

Basically Im using the worksheet to give me the info for engineered beams.

If I have 10 beams named "beam one, beam two etc" and 5 layers.

The beams are only on "layer one". And there is one VP on each of the other 4 layers.

I get something like the following.

Beam 01 5.010m Layer One

Beam 01 5.010m Layer One

Beam 01 5.010m Layer One

Beam 01 5.010m Layer One

Beam 01 5.010m Layer One

Beam 02 4.090m Layer One

Beam 02 4.090m Layer One

Beam 02 4.090m Layer One

Beam 02 4.090m Layer One

Beam 02 4.090m Layer One

etc etc etc

My criteria for the worksheet says all objects whose layer is "layer one" whose type is "framing member" whose record is "eng".

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