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open read-only?

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Is there a way to open up a vector-works file read-only similar to autocad? I need to get into a file only to copy and paste items over to another file, and do not want to block out another user from being able to use the file I want to open read-only, plus don't want to accidently move a symbol in the read-only drawing.

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Not my area of expertise, but I've used Get Info>Sharing and Permissions to specify User privileges individually. You can set some to Read and Write, others Read Only, so they can only open a copy and do anything they want w/o altering original file.

That would seem to serve mvsubstations needs...

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Problem is that you can not open a file if the file is already openend by an other user, doesn't matter what permission the OS gives to the file.

So instead of getting the "failled on atempt to open file" in VW, you should get "this file is already in use, the file will be read-only". You could ad this to the wish-list.

EDIT: didn't see Christiaan's post.

Edited by maarten.
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