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Is 2009 Better or Beta ??????

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Hi all.

I havent been posting much over the last year due to disappointment.

Just asking as will be released soon down under in New Zealand.

I am asking this question because I am an embittered 2008 user.

I have been a Vw user since Version 8 & are left wondering?

We have a financial system collapse or even at least a housing downturn coming up for us all due to the all American dream.

Should I upgrade or wait for the cliches to be slowly removed.

How stable is it??????

2008 had great features but was severly lacking in many areas as a release, I believe it was a beta release.

We were the testers.

Also I do personally believe that the BIM is a delusion.

We live in a country that is legislating the hell out of the buliding trade and there is no way I could use these supposed features from a Bim in my details.

And if I could what sort of memory would it require.

That is for me mentally to learn and of the computer.

Stabilty and response time is essential. Speed Speed Speed.

Someone from NNA should start drawing again and feel the frustration.

I am teased by the New solids kernel they are talking about.

But bear in mind I have listened to a few of these upgarde pitches before.

Just to set the record straight I hope all you Vw works users in the United states are managing ok, it must be very hard right now.

Take Care.


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Also I do personally believe that the BIM is a delusion.

We live in a country that is legislating the hell out of the buliding trade and there is no way I could use these supposed features from a Bim in my details.

I think you're misunderstanding the nature of BIM. To be clear BIM is a not about automatically creating details from 3D models.

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Cheers Christian

Okay so I maybe dont get it all. so how is it going to be good for this small operator down in a small island in the pacific.

I guess what I am trying to get at is the bulk of my architectural work is high end detailing.

I still think screen refresh and zooming and stability are the areas where drawing time can be sped up the most.

In my humble opion VWorks 2008 seemed like it was a beta release and I hope it does not appear the same way for 2009.

It had great features but I lost some time with the annoying little screen messages or a programme freeze.

Does anyone know about 2009. How stable and just how good this new 3d engine is.


Ps I had a draw on autocad Lt the other day ,other than the zoom it was terrible.

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Cheers Christian

Okay so I maybe dont get it all. so how is it going to be good for this small operator down in a small island in the pacific.

If you're talking about BIM, I don't think it is, not at least until your clients start asking for it.

If you're talking about v2009, there's plenty in there to like, especially in terms of workflow and usability:


With regard to bugs, well I feel the same way. I expect there to be bugs but I also expect them to be fixed?at least the serious ones?which hasn't happened with v2008.

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Brendan, personally I think VW 2009 is very good. With the way I use the program I don't have any significant issues with it. Whether you would feel the same way I don't know.

The 2D snapping and user feedback is definitely better, and this does allow you to work more quickly.

My impressions of the zooming is that it doesn't appear to be very different from VW 2008. I don't find the zoooming a problem though, but from your post I gather you do.

I have only ever had screen refresh rates problems with drawings containing lots of curved polylines, like from the insulation in imported DWGs. In VW 2009 the Autocad insulation blocks are converted to symbols, so that problem no longer occurs. As I understand it the screen refresh rate is controlled by the graphics card anyway, so if your hardware is adequate this shouldn't be a problem.

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Hi guys.

Sound like I will upgrade then. Ta.

I think major problem is with hatches.

I have wished for a global turn off hatch command but not yet.

I just dont think a layer with 4 signifcant cross sections slowing down is that great a situation.

Good detailing but I am only talking residential here.


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It depends Altoids. If it's only one seat and you definitely intend to upgrade then you you might as well do it sooner than later as it gives you a chance to learn and see for yourself until the first point release. Meanwhile one can keep using v2008 for production purposes.

Put another way, we'll probably upgrade one seat and then upgrade the rest when I'm happy. Or should I say *if* I'm happy.

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Thanks guys.

But doesnt this reveal the dilemma.

Its like I will Marry you even if tho I dont know if its going to work.But I can go back to my old wife if I dont like it.

I used to be in love with Vworks, but I am starting to look around and be "unfaithful" because I am wondering how faithful they are to me.

Buy but go back to 2008 is a hard one .

I am interested in the new solids engine.

Better beta testing is the feeling I have had since after version 11


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i am using vw2009 for some time now and Christian I think your strategy of upgrading one seat, evaluating, and then going for more licenses when the time is right seems very logical.

I do think both you and Brendan will be very happy with the interface improvement and improvements in 2D speed and stability. Let's not even talk about modeling here - we all have to ouput flat ol' 2D drawings to get our job done. I can attest that I have gotten several things done recently in about an hour that would have taken half a day in 2008 or earlier, if I could have done them at all. I'm talking complex polylines with thousands of holes, adding, subtracting, offsetting, etc. Simple things in 2009 have been the most valuable to me, primarily the Loupe, tool object highlighting, and grey others while in groups. It doesn't SOUND astounding...until you realize your drafting time is reduced by a significant margin.

Crashes happen, sure...but, eh... maybe some less than VW2008. And I have 2009 set to automatically save the last three backups at 26 minute intervals. :)

Cris Dopher

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I concur. After getting the upgrade and spending just a few hours exploring it I can easily see a substantially quicker workflow potential. Maybe not the 10x faster but the improvements made in this area are real.

I think it would be difficult for a complex app. like this not to have some bugs but I am producing designs and documents for clients, consultants and the city working only in VW everyday so if you follow the credo of saving constantly it seems to me that most of us can work through the bugs; obviously hoping that Nemetschek is working to fix them.

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