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Mac question?

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This may be more of a MAC question, but maybe someone can help. I need to keep an ongoing history of drawing as they get changed. I put a date in the actual name, but it goes in alpha numeric order, thus putting the oldest drawing first. Is there a way to keep the most recent up top? renaming differently or something like that. Again I realize this may not be the best place to ask, but then again,I have noticed aot of great ideas and work arounds in this forum

THANX in advance

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Yes even on a lowly mac one can click at the top of any column in list view and reverse the sort order.

But on the Mac, there is view mode beyond icon or list, called column view, that is always in Descending order regardless of if you are sorting by name, date type size, whatever.

In a way you can think of it as a Horizontal File Explorer view, that shows your items relative to the path.

For the Mac users that didn't know that you can change a column views sort type, open the folder you want to sort differently in column view, and hit apple-j or go to the menu bar to view and select view options. there you can change what the column view sorts by.



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the only problem with sorting by date created or modified, is that it changes EVERYTHING in the hosting folder. Sometimes Apple thinks they're improving things, when in fact they destroy the things that made a MAC a MAC!!! Thanks all for the help.

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this bugs me about macs and windows, we use the reverse date thing


but for you americans that probably makes less sense.

what bugs me is that you cant sort by 'file type' AND 'date' so it sorts by type then orders those by name or date or size or whatever, at the moment you can only sort by 'whatever' and name

seems really basic but absent in mac os and windows

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