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  1. thanx...its been a rough weekend
  2. Sorry, could not find it. What # is it listed under?
  3. nuts...thats what i thought...thank you
  4. How do I add texture to a simple extrusion in 3D? i did a quick search and really did not find help
  5. yes I knew that way, but I didnt realize I could pick several at a time... just thought there might be an easier way. Thanks Everyone!
  6. is there any way to dimensionan object, that instead of numbers, it just gives you "EQ" without changing the dimension parts in the obj info?
  7. sometimes i need to do a drawing, then turn it 90?. Why do SOME of the dimensions turn with the drawing and others not? I have done the adj flipped text, the horizontal/vertical, align adjustments, but still some stay flat. And i also noticed it has nothing to do with the value of the dimension(ie 5/8" will flip, but 3 1/4" wont but a 6 1/4" will) WHAT AM I MISSING???
  8. holy bejeebers thats like christmas.. i figured i wasnt looking correctly WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! THANKS ALL!!!!
  9. ok i got it....if i go to architectural work space and use the objects palette, they are in there!
  10. i'm not sure how to explain, but i will try again from the beginning.... i was looking for a plumbing fitting, went thru files and found a file listed as"AIA plumbing Eng.sta. so i thought my problems were solved. but no, they weren't. how do you get to the data that is in that file? pathway...VECTORWORKS>STANDARDS>AIA_Plumbing_Eng.sta i understand that they arent necessarily a 'drawing' but where is that files data and how can i use it? hope that makes my question clearer !? not sure how to clearly ask what i need :>b
  11. ok. but if i double click or got ot "open" to open them, i get a generic border that's it. i am actually looking in the STANDARDS file. i guess i'm not sure where they are within the program. it may be bad navigating on my part. any more ideas? what should i be looking for/at?
  12. how the heck do you get to the files marked .sta?
  13. not sure about the quad processor. I run on a basic imac and have no troubles at all. I would say more ram and big screen.
  14. When SP3 first came out, it seemed like it did worse than good. Is it worth it to update or do the headaches out-weigh the benefits?
  15. you're right. I will keep plugging away!
  16. Ray, you're right, I did post that, but it only worked that one time for some reason. I was just double checking my thought process. Chad, I will keep trying! Thanks to both of you!
  17. i asked this a long time ago and didnt get too much help... is there a way to easily develope a crown molding? A developed crown molding is when you run crown down the side of- a dormer window, and it needs to meet up with a "normal" positioned crown. usually the "developed" molding is longer and skinnier than the original.
  18. got it! thank you much!!!
  19. sketcher


    or all the other stuff that has been reported.... Ive been tooo afraid to even go with SP3. too many horror stories
  20. Benson cant find export png anywhere..am using architect and fundamental
  21. okay, how do you save a file to get the .png?
  22. ive imported a file as a pdf and an image file and the image file is SO MUCH MORE CLEAR!
  23. i dont see the import as pdf, where's that? but if you import IMAGE FILE you get a pop up for jpeg/png. go with jpeg and viol? it's there
  24. mark ... no signature so im assuming windows user
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