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Door and Window Schedules

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For those who don't want to dig around in Jeffery's worksheet for the trick, here it is.

I cannot get this trick to work.

I've added the column with formula =COUNT and used the column reference in my formula =(Window.RoughOpenWIdth)/D4 but the summed cells are still not correct. 47'7 7/8" / 15 should return a value of 3'2 1/8", not 8'8 7/8".

Any suggestions? Does this trick only work with VW 13?

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I just tried this and it does seem to be broken in VW12.

I have not been able to figure out exaclty what is happening, but the calcs are definitely not right.

In VW2008, I did find that it does not work correctly if the field you are summing on is the field that you are trying to do the calculation on, but that does not help in VW12.



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Thanks for checking it out in V12.

It's beyond my comprehension that after 20 years in business, this package cannot produce a window schedule without a lot of fussing around.

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Thanks but...

Count is in column D. Width and Height are columns H & I. I am summing column E.

Still getting the wrong answers.

I tried moving Count to the column immediately preceding the width and height but it didn't help either.

Other thoughts?

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Along the same lines of what Pat and Visard were discussing on 3/19, my doors don't show any of the info from the PIO on the door record. "On schedule" is checked for each door. Any thoughts?

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IFA: Check your Worksheet "Criteria"

Right-click on the Database Header...then:



Note this is useful because say you have a few different design scenarios

that you created by duplicating a design layer so you can have a bunch of

alternatives to look at. In this case you can set one of the criteria to be

"Layer-Is-Design Layer X." Of course there are numerous other ways that

this may be useful. This level of flexibility is also probably one of the reasons

that Schedules in VW is not as "automatic" as you might expect, but it proves

to be a great benefit to have this amount of control at your fingertips.

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