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  1. Anyone have any idea how a sink is placed in a base cabinet with a counter top?
  2. Thanks guys. I also found duplicates in other layers. This conversation helped a bunch. Cheers,
  3. I'm working on a tight schedule and need to produce all types of drawings simultaneously. I have tried to set up duplicate drawings of each type with different information, notes, dimensions, etc. which works except that the schedules count all instances of doors and windows. I've considered using multiple class designations of presentation notes, CD notes, permit notes, and have rejected for complexity. Suggestions for a more streamline method are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. This must be a dumb question but here goes: I'm trying to make a two vertical panel door with transom above - I can't seem to find a way to line up the transom with the door vertically or seal the frame between them without making a full depth transom sash.(?) I believe I've dialed up the proper panel settings with no two panel result? Suggestions welcome. Thanks ...Would add image if I could figure out how to attach.
  5. Thanks, Jim. Seems to work just fine, with or without the '' quotes. v.
  6. I have begun to assemble worksheets with area calculations: walls, doors, windows, thanks to the thread available here. I've been looking for a formula for glazing area - anyone know if that is available or how to format? Thanks, visard
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. To clarify - I have been studying with the NESEA and have completed my ZNE certification taught by Mark Rosenbaum,PE, who also teaches the PHPP certification classes. Mark kindly makes available to class members his proprietary software templates which are modeled on the PHPP standards. With these templates we, the students, complete a ZNE model as a final project, which I have completed. My question to the community goes to preparing a worksheet to compile date for use in my energy analysis. This would primarily be area for the house components, walls, roofs, slabs, window and doors, etc. I've read that we can construct a worksheet and use area calc formulas for gross and net areas and wondered, would I be roughing out a template from scratch or has VW provided anything of the sort. Thanks for your comments and interest, V.
  8. I'm currently working on a zero net energy residence and would like to know if we have access to any tutorials, templates or worksheets to help assemble data for calculations? I have been looking at the worksheet formulas for wall and roof areas and am curious if any systems have already been developed. Other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks,
  9. I'm new to VW 2015 and have found that when using the number keyboard when switching views I get a perspective instead of the isometric view I'm expecting. Can't seem to find any settings for this - any clues out there as to how to prevent this from happening?
  10. Jim: I've discovered that the recent file will show up if the application is shut down and immediately reopened. If left overnight the file does not appear in the recent file record. This may be moot since I am preparing to upgrade to VW2014.
  11. Thanks Jim but the resource browser always opens with the line types open and the recent files don't show even when the machine is shut down normally after quitting the application. Oddly, this is not always the case, on occasion the recent files will show correctly. I'll pay closer attention to it.
  12. Is it possible to control the Resources Browser window display? When I open a file I always see the line types displayed in full. Is it possible to open the RB and see all categories collapsed? Also, the open recent file pull down rarely shows the file opened recently, is this a setting or lack of cognitive ability, I know I'm running on minimal RAM? Thanks.
  13. Using VW2013 and recent files are not listed when reopening application - is this a setting? Thanks
  14. visard


    In the stories modeling system, how do we close the exterior end of the floor assembly, by running the exterior wall, or wall finish, past the floor assembly or other? Is the story defined as the floor to floor assemblage? Thanks, v.
  15. I seem to remember that it was possible to get all of the two dimensional drawn objects to show in their proper place, that is plan position, when viewing a three dimensional model - is this still possible, what's the command? Thanks, v.
  16. Thanks guys. I was hoping that there might be a way to control the depth of the render view as we are able to do with sections. Guess not. Perhaps the easiest solution is to control the interior classes. I have also made line copies of the image and edited the line copy, not particularly convenient if we're doing schematic design options. I appreciate your thoughts. visard
  17. How do I control rendered elevations to prevent the interior elements from showing through glass? Thanks. VW12
  18. These doors are PIO's. The information comes in when doors are placed. Not all doors in the set display hardware but all new doors placed have a default hardware (HDW-3) which shows in the schedule. No third party symbols have been used. No hardware is selected in the object info window or in the PIO preferences. The door schedule data base header is =('Door'.'HWSetID') This does not appear to be the result of a 'lost' object because the object count is correct. The funny thing is that the HD set displays as HDW-3 which seems to reference the typical office specification set but which has not been used here. All User Fields in Door Settings Data have been checked - all are blank and hardware settings box is not checked. Where is the 'HWSetID' data? I appreciate your comments, Jim.
  19. I've got unwanted hardware sets showing up in my door schedules. Door settings show no hardware selected. Where else should I check to find and eradicate this false data? Thanks,
  20. After the last batch of upgrades - from 2008 to VW2012 - I find that my title blocks have become unruly. Old sets have defaulted to revised versions and I am not able to confirm which default design the application is using. I suspect that the defaults may have become corrupt. Anyone aware of a survey of how to archive and establish new title blocks as we upgrade?
  21. Any recommendations for making reflected ceiling plans? Thanks. BTW- what is the top view showing us?
  22. Is it just me or is it strange that I would have to do a google search to find the VW select service portal?
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