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  1. Charles, Sadly, I agree with you. On the surface, it doesn't seem to be much to ask that an object that is one inch by three inches and extruded to twenty inches should be able to transfer it's dimensions to a spreadsheet. But, I am not a computer wizard and so there must be reasons for why it cannot. I realized after posting my suggestion that it would not work so well with the diagonal members of the flat, since the bounding box becomes the "object" rather than the actual diagonal object. Again, I find it difficult to imagine that I can see this diagonal object on my screen, yet the program is unable to tell me it's dimensions. Have you found a way to overcome this obstacle? boxjoint
  2. This doesn't exactly answer the question, but since a flat is almost two dimensional and all your framing members are the same width and thickness and in the same plane, (with the exception of the corner blocks) perhaps you could lay out the framing members in 2d (using rectangles) and have the worksheet report height and width of each. Since this type of lumber is typically sold by the linear foot not the board foot, you don't really need to calculate the volume. If you need to have the flat be 3d in order to place it on the model of the set, you could create a duplicate of your original layout on a separate layer and extrude all the elements to 3/4" to create the model. Hope this helps.
  3. Over the years, I have accumulated a bunch of bookmarks in my browser for specific pages in the forum that address issues on a variety of topics. These pages provide answers that I may need on a recurring basis. I have just noticed that these bookmarks no longer work. They all seem to take me to the Forums page where all the forums are listed, rather than the specific page that was bookmarked. In addition, the ability to reach individual pages from a google search does not seem to work either. Specifically, pages that are not very recent. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?
  4. Michelle, Try File>Setup>Document Setup. If you don't have it there, open the Workspace Editor and, on the left panel, click the triangle next to File and look for Document Setup. The info in the right panel is the configuration of your current workspace. Drag things from the left panel to the menu of your choice in the right panel and it will be added to your workspace.
  5. Jeffery, Thanks but... Count is in column D. Width and Height are columns H & I. I am summing column E. Still getting the wrong answers. I tried moving Count to the column immediately preceding the width and height but it didn't help either. Other thoughts?
  6. Pat, The sheets do show up in the correct order on the left hand column so I guess I could select them there. However, I've already selected them once in the issue manager, and when I click Today's Issue, it populates the right column but the sheets are out of order as I said. Really, this problem goes back to the Issue Manager. When I open Issue Manager to create an issue and I select the Sheet Data tab so that I can check the box marked "Include in Current Issue" the first sheet that is displayed is sheet #21! They are all out of order right in the Issue Manager which makes it a real pain to navigate and select which sheets I want to include. The sheets show up in the following order as I click the 'Next' arrow: 21,22,23,24,15,14,26,25,11... and I don't know why. This is the same order they appear when I click "Today's Issue" in Batch Export. It would be nice if the Issue Manager had two columns like the Batch Export box so you could see more than one sheet at a time when selecting them for issue. It would also be nice if the Issue Manager displayed the sheets in the correct order.
  7. I am exporting @ 30 sheets using the "Today's Issue" button on the Batch Export PDF dialog box in VW 12.5.2. The box that shows the list of Sheets and Views to Export has a header with a triangle on it which suggests that it should sort the sheets by name when you click on it but it does not work for me. Is it supposed to sort and this is a bug? Or must we organize the order of the sheets by manually dragging them up and down in the window with the mouse?
  8. Yeah, and if the window can't be installed as it is drawn by Vectorworks right out of the box, then NNA has to pick up the tab for lunch. I can eat a lot of lunch! Maybe they should just hire a few architects to advise the software engineers about what sorts of things they should be including in the package? Thank goodness we have a million colors now to offset the other shortcomings.
  9. Pat, Thanks for checking it out in V12. It's beyond my comprehension that after 20 years in business, this package cannot produce a window schedule without a lot of fussing around.
  10. I open a blank file and drag an Andersen TW3062 window from the Andersen library in the Resource Browser into the drawing. I go to Tools>Reports> VA Create Schedule and create a window schedule. The first thing I notice is that the units in the schedule are set incorrectly. They are showing the window dimensions in fractional feet (3 1/8 feet) rather than a dimension (3' 1 5/8") so I have to reformat all the dimensions in the schedule. Next, I notice that while the O.A. Width and O.A. Height of the window unit are correct, the Rough Opening Width and Height are NOT correct. They show the same dimension as the O.A. Width and Height. So, I click the window Settings button on the OIP and find that the shim gap is set to 0". Changing it to 1/4" apparently adds that dimension to both sides of the window so now the Rough Opening Width shows correctly at 3' 2 1/8". Unfortunately, it also adds 1/4" to the O.A. Height of the window so now the Rough Opening Height is incorrect. There appears to be no way to have the shim gap for the width be different from the height. Is it just me or is it not possible with this Architectural CAD program to accurately model a window by one of the most widely sold manufacturers in the U.S. and have it show properly on the window schedule?
  11. I cannot get this trick to work. I've added the column with formula =COUNT and used the column reference in my formula =(Window.RoughOpenWIdth)/D4 but the summed cells are still not correct. 47'7 7/8" / 15 should return a value of 3'2 1/8", not 8'8 7/8". Any suggestions? Does this trick only work with VW 13?
  12. Thank you Bill for saying so many things that I've wanted to say for a long time. It has seemed that way to me too. Which is particularly frustrating since NNA specifically ASKS for input. I realize that every request for a new tool can't be added, but there is no excuse for NOT fixing a current tool that does not work as it is supposed to, or in a way that users expect. Yes. Or devise some clever workaround to achieve what the tool was supposed to do, AFTER spending hours searching the manuals, online help, and forum for a solution or someone else's workaround. How many man hours go wasted every year by multiple users searching, searching, searching for the answers to the same questions. Then to find out it's a 'known bug' or worse yet, 'the software is performing as designed'. I, for two, agree completely. It's bad for those using the software daily, but even worse for those of us who don't. It's infuriating to come back to VW after a week or two of doing something else only to realize that I've forgotten that little trick or workaround that I discovered but neglected to write down. Or some tool that I thought I had mastered has me stymied all over again by it's unnecessary complexity or lack of documentation. I've forgotten how many "seats" VW has out there, but I seem to recall it was a couple hundred thousand. There seem to be about 200 fairly active members on this board. If you figure it's a random sampling, then one forum member may be speaking for 1,000 users. Someone should be listening.
  13. I don't know if it makes a difference that I'm using VW12.5 on a Mac, but I can have two files open at the same time and move the windows from one monitor to another at will.
  14. I always view the forum by looking at Active Topics within the last 24 or 48 hours. I do not like the new layout that appears when choosing this option. The presence of text between the post topics makes it very difficult to scan the list to see if something interests me. Is there a way to turn this view off and return to a simple list of topics? If not, there should be.
  15. Travis, I'd be interested in knowing how to resolve this as I've run across it too and I find it irritating. I'd imagine this would be exceedingly easy for NNA to resolve if a user can resolve it. What could possibly be keeping them from correcting it?
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