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  1. Is there a report to find the area of sloped surfaces in VW2023 equivalent to the old Site Slope Analysis? I need to find the total area with slopes 0-15°, 15-25°, 25° and up. I have the model's graphic properties: site analysis set up. But I can't figure out how to get the area of the slope zone.
  2. With some guidance from Tech Support, I changed the privilege at the VW2017 application level and applied to all files/folders within. I restarted my computer and VW. I received a notice "New online resource library catalogs are available for download. Would you like to update your library catalog now?" I chose Cancel. Now the resource library works fine.
  3. I just tried updating the files mentioned in the link above. No luck.
  4. after updating. I was also asked for my serial number which usually doesn't happen during the updates.
  5. When I select a dashed line style for parts in the window and door objects of 2013, the selected dash style does not appear. It looks like no matter which dash style is selected, VW uses a default dash. Is there any way to correct this?
  6. How about in VW2009? Ira Frazin VW2009, OSX10.5.6
  7. Along the same lines of what Pat and Visard were discussing on 3/19, my doors don't show any of the info from the PIO on the door record. "On schedule" is checked for each door. Any thoughts?
  8. Is there a way to change the default boomerang mode from pan to another tool (i.e. selection tool)?
  9. I am using 12.5 but the line weights for the component parts of the door are not showing up after setting them and turning on the "use part style; button. Any thoughts? Nevermind. the pen style was in class mode.
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