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Move Page for sheet layers


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There has got to be a way to move the page on all sheet layers at once!!!

I can change the size of all pages at once but if I move the page up and to the left on page 01 I then have to do the same operation on each page, what if i've got 50 pages or more!

I know I can move all the Viewports instead but that takes just as much time.

Am I missing something?

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I have changed the paper size that I am going to print to and there for I need to either move my viewports so the information is inside the margins of the paper or the alternative is to move the page so the information is inside the margins.

Hope that makes sense.

Another reason why I need to move all pages at once or have a way of aligning my pages is I like my information on my actual printed pages to be aligned so if for some reason I decided to print on transparent paper I could stack them over the top of each other and all the info would line up.

I know I can go through each sheet layer and double click on the "move page" tool and this will send the page to the origin which is a temporary fix at the moment but this is not practical for all jobs.

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Regardless of your page locations on a sheet layer, they should all print the same if your page setup is the same.

Not sure about moving them all at the same time though. Isn't that the good thing about sheet layers? Some can be at 11x17 while others can be at 8.5x11....they're all independent are they not?

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There are definatly some great advantages in being able to change one sheet and not have it effect the others, but there needs to be away to get them all back to one location if need be.

Same as with viewports: its great being able to do class overrides to just a few viewports but then when you need to bring them all back to there original class setting you can just hit "revert" and bang its done you dont need to go to each viewport and change all the class settings for each altered class.

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Does anybody know how to do this?

With all jobs there are going to be several plans that show the same area but at a different lebel (ground floor plan and first floor plan) It doesnt make sense to me that there isnt a way to align these so that the printed copy can be perfectly aligned. So if you were to print the plans on transparent paper everything lines up.

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Hi CS1!

if i understand right, its all sheetlayers...

so if i have this problem i duplicate the whole sheetlayer rename it let's say "A3 transparent".

set the pagesetup than on this sheetlayer and than using the allign and distribute tool. place the top and bottom viewport, activate all viewports and run distribute space vertically and "align to the right", for example

sometimes i use a 2d locus to mark the printed area and group it with the viewport, so i align to the loci if my viewport is located in the middle of the page...

hope it helps somehow...


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