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is it time to dump layer scales

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Now that everyone is used to viewports, isn't it time to dump layer scales? Why not just make all layers 1:1 as per many other CAD programs, and use viewports to control the output.

I can't really see the point of different scaled layers now, in fact I tend to set them all to one scale (except perhaps the site plan, but then i have to layer link it in ...)

I think it would make it easier to set up drawings etc.

Any reasons to keep them?

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Everyone uses the program differently. It is never, Never, NEVER wise to suggest taking anything out, because there will be a large minority who use whatever feature you think is not needed.

As to why layer scales, the best reason to keep them (in my opionion) is so you can draw WSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get). You get a much better idea of how your model will look when printed at 1/4" if you draw it at 1/4". You can see what line weights work well and what don't and you can see if there is room to squeeze in that extra note or detail without having to go back and forth to a sheet layer.


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Reasons for not getting the scales out:

1) I have met many architects and 90% of them have never used a viewport. They all draw in design layers with different scales so they can put all the stuf next to each other at the right position for printing.

2) When you set you're layer's scale to the scale you normaly print, you can see how the lineweights and hatches will look (if you check this option in the preferences).

3) If you want to make a quick print, you can set the layer's scale, set the page and print.

4) There are maybe other reasons for not getting them away

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