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Printing sets at 2 sizes (11x17 and 24x36).... setup?

Henry Finch


What is the easiest way to setup for two print sizes. I typically setup my drawings for 24" x 36" but have a big border so everything fits in about 21" x 33". The set can be printed out full size on 24" x 36" paper with a big border or at exactly 50% on 11" x 17" paper. Building departments in my area are more and more accepting and even preferring the 50% prints for ease of storage. I only keep 50% drawings for my office prints. GCs often want the full size prints. Also need to send PDF files of both sizes to various contractors, clients, engineers. Used to setup a sheet for each size paper but this can be problematic/dangerous keeping the info on both sets identical. Changing the print size for each sheet back and forth is time consuming.

I know this has been discussed, but I couldn't find a good answer in old posts.

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If you are printing from Sheet Layers, you can select multiple sheets in the Organization Dialog box and edit them all at the same time. Ding this, you can change the Page Setup and Printer Setup to allow you to set the scale at which to print.

After you print, just to the same in reverse.

As for the PDFs, why not just send 100% sets and tyhen set to 50% when you print the PDFs? If you don't trust the contractors/clients/engineers to be able to scale down the full size when the print them, why would you trust them to not print your 50% size scaled down even further to letter size or some such nonsense?


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Thanks Pat,

I'll try the Organization Dialog box. Yes, use sheet layers.

I print all inhouse prints at 50%. Send out mostly at 100%. Printing at my office at 50% on my HP4mv 11x17 postscript laserwriter is exactly to scale. PDFs are less reliable. I do use print to PDF, then assemble in Adobe acrobat. I think my service bureau that prints the 24x36s doesn't want to mess with settings. They just want a file with 24x36 PDFs.

The organization dialog box sounds like the solution.

- just tried it.

I can't believe I didn't realize you could change multiple sheet print settings at once.

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