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  1. I can't even use GDI+ in SP1. But others in my office can. Very hit or miss...
  2. False - this is possible in VW 2008. You can also edit door and window PIOs from the worksheet Door and Window Schedules. Can you explain how to do this for parameters that are only accessible through the 'settings' dialog? I know I can wrap the object in a symbol, but that has several drawbacks, the most significant being that it doesn't help me make changes to a group of objects that are similar but not identical.
  3. Have you noticed that when you drag the callouts, the wireframe preview (for lack of a better description) is rotated and not the same size as the text? I suspect this has something to do with it, but so far I have just been reselecting to avoid the callouts, or deselecting them afterwards.
  4. And try some combination of that & turn off auto-join walls for some or all of the walls.
  5. It will make changes to objects on editable layers; the active layer, and visible layers if show/modify others is on. It seems to work for the majority of edits in the OIP, but if you need to access the 'Settings' dialog to make your changes, they will only apply to the first object selected. This seems to apply to multiple selections as well.
  6. When something disappears, I turn on all classes & layers to look for it. I have seen VW take doors out when the wall becomes too short. That one is easily caught and undone / avoided. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to continue to keep an eye on it and hope that I can find a pattern.
  7. I suspect, but have not been able to confirm, that when doors and windows disappear from my plans, it is due to wall edits. That is, stretching or moving a wall in a way it does not like causes inserted PIOs to vanish. I can't define it much better than that because sometimes even a remote change will cause a problem. I have not found a viable workaround, aside from vigilance and reduplication of work.
  8. I cannot print to any printer with GDI+ turned on. No HP, no Epson, no Adobe. What's odd is I think others in my office can print fine... WinXP, VW 13.0.0 (sp1)
  9. This is a simple one, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone already has a script or I just haven't seen the setting to accomplish it. I would like to place a data stamp on the drawing that updates (probably at least on open and print), so that current data (time, date, filename) are displayed.
  10. Are your other drawing elements displaying fills properly, when filled with the same color?
  11. This request is closely related to one that I (and several others) have mentioned in architect: unit settings for space objects. In general, if a significant part of an object's function is displaying dimensional data, its units and precision should be adjustable. I can understand the desire to standardize units and have only one setting per file. But in practice, different units are required for drawing, for presentation to clients and to contractors, etc..
  12. I have noticed and used the subclasses to produce floor and ceiling plans. The problem is that from time to time, one or more doors simply disappear from my plans. There is no trace of the missing door; no wall cut, jamb, or schedule entry. The rest remain and function normally. I have been creating most of my doors by duplicating - do you think that could introduce instability in the file?
  13. I have a file which loses doors almost every time I open it. What is the most useful way to submit it? Is there a best time; before, or after doors go missing? Of course I don't know which ones will disappear or when... What other information will help to track this down? It's manageable for the moment, but dealing with random errors and omissions introduced to a CD set by vectorworks will be a major headache.
  14. Yes, but can it share raytracing load with the cpu?
  15. You could at least copy and paste the annotations (with scaling if necessary)and add them back to the group.
  16. I've been looking for this also. It seems like a necessary option for any object that displays dimensions. brudgers's workaround is the only I've found. It's a pain since I work in <9'-3 1/8"> but that is far too much precision for a space object. Every time I print I have to remember to set it for <9.5'>.
  17. So I'm doing up a door schedule, and in addition to the hardware set's ID, I would like to list the closer, hinge, etc for each door. Anyone know of a way to access this 'child' record? Each door/space is showing up 2 or 3 times in its respective schedule. I recall reading about an option akin to DISTINCT that I might cajole into fixing this. But it seems like it shouldn't be happening at all. Is there a concatenate operator for the spreadsheet? It seems not. thanks for any help. hopefully I'll be able to offer some soon.
  18. I have also been spending way too much time repairing wall joins. Walls should not spontaneously break apart between drawing sessions. At first I thought using 2D reshape rather than ever dragging walls would help, but it hasn't. I hope someone has ideas on this.
  19. I have also experienced this problem. When I attempt to draw walls this way, either the floating data bar does not display, or it is incorrectly drawn blank. I'm using VW2008 on winXP.
  20. I'd like to send half size prints directly from acrobat, but I haven't found a way to set the scale to exactly 50%. Can you fill me in? Thanks for the Org. box answer.
  21. Does anyone know, how I can set the camera point in my section viewport? It has been spontaneously moving to hover high above the building, but I want to look inside from the level of the first floor.
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