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Viewport names



I would like to see the viewport name in all three panes of the OIP instead of just the Data pane. It could appear just to the right or directly below the title "Viewport".

The Shape pane is the most used, but when clicking on a viewport, especially if there are overlapping viewports, it is inconvenient to have to switch to the Data Pane each time to determine which viewport is selected.

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I'd like to see the Viewport name in (or below) the viewport itself. Why on Earth do I have to type "Section A" when the viewport already knows that it is Section A!

Whatever, having the Name in all OI tabs would greatly help those of us who use object names extensively. And this group of users, mind you, is going to grow, since Object Associations rely on names.

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Have you checked the Drawing Label Tool?

If you place a drawing label in the Annotations Group of a viewport, it will grab the name of the viewport as the DWG Title Field.

It is not a live link, so if you change the name of the viewport, you will have to go through and change the Drawing Label also. It should be live, with an option to override.

If you name your viewports correctly as you create them, at least it is a start.

And you could easily write a script (wink, wink...) to go through an replace the text in the drawing label (or in a class, or with a record) with the viewport annotation they are in.


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Does it? No, I haven't. Once again, the tool does not comply with our conventions, so I've classified that as useless. But maybe it can be localised. (Fat chance.) Have to check.

However, a viewport being an object (or at least should be), a "live link" is how it should be. I can't expect "my" users to go through the hoops of running scripts.

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