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Multiple Users on 1 Project- How do you do it?

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Our firm of 3 people is starting a new project and we would like to set up the file so all 3 people can access the drawings and work simultaneously.

I am trying to understand how Vectorworks 12.5 is designed to allow several people to work on a project. It is basically acheived through workgroup references?

Does anybody have a successful plan for how you organized multiple people working on one project at one time? Do you set up a master file with title block and reference in each floor plan? Do you have a separate file for each floor of a building, or do you keep them all in 1 file?

Thanks for any insight!

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Yes, Workgroup Referencing is the method.

The problem is anything you want someone to work on independently has to be WGR'ed, but we tend to limit our use of WGR because the more you have the more complicated management of the job becomes. Generally we'll split things up in terms of plans, elevations, sections, schedules and so on. On one job we also had master plans and a separate M&E drawing for instance which we WGR'ed the master plans into.

My number one wish for VectorWorks is a better system for working as a team, such as ArchiCAD's 'Teamwork' system:


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I have devised several successful strategies... but it all depends on who is going to be responsible for what part of the project.

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New to vectorworks and searching around on the forums for how people go about this - has anyone found a better way for multiple users to work on a project yet?

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Take a look at Project Sharing

or the older-school referenced Design Layer Viewports.

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