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  1. Our firm of 3 people is starting a new project and we would like to set up the file so all 3 people can access the drawings and work simultaneously. I am trying to understand how Vectorworks 12.5 is designed to allow several people to work on a project. It is basically acheived through workgroup references? Does anybody have a successful plan for how you organized multiple people working on one project at one time? Do you set up a master file with title block and reference in each floor plan? Do you have a separate file for each floor of a building, or do you keep them all in 1 file? Thanks for any insight!
  2. I created a section by duplicating the plan. In Edit Annotations, I pulled guidelines from the major points and then drafted each important line (as if I were drafting by hand). I feel like I can control my line weights better this way, which is difficult to do with SVP's. I have tried duplicating my viewport but I can only crop the original vp and not the annotations. I think I need to take it out of annotations and copy it into the design layer.
  3. Katie- I chose to draw my own section insetad of using a Section Viewport because I find them limiting. Is there any way to create a new viewport from an existing viewport? Thanks.
  4. I'm having another problem with multiple viewports- I made a viewport of my floor plan (call it viewport "A"). Then I copied viewport "A" and used Edit Annotations to draw a section in the viewport (call it viewport "B"). Now I want to viewport a detail out of viewport "B", but Vectorworks won't let me. I also tried copying viewport "B" and changing the scale, but the Edit Crop tool will only let me crop the original plan and not the section I drew. Any suggestions for how I can pull out my detail? Thanks!
  5. I am trying to create a 3D model of a 2 story house (VW 12.5). Each floor plan is on its own design layer (first floor on 'MOD FLOOR-1' and the second floor on 'MOD FLOOR-2'). When I try to "Set 3D View," it appears that only the active design layer switches to a perspective. Is there a way to set both design layers into a 3D view at the same time? Do I need to copy both of my floor plans into a new, combination design layer that I can then view in perspective? Has anyone found an easier way to view more than one floor/design layer in a perspective at the same time? Thanks!
  6. For others who are dealing with a similar issue, I solved this problem by replacing my "Pillar" objects with 3D Columns and applying the same concrete texture (with Map Type: Cylinder). For some reason, Cylinders take the texture better than Pillars, and no longer look streaky when rendered.
  7. Thanks Katie. I already have several lights set up, so if I use Final Quality Renderworks, the objects just look washed out. In Fast Radiosity, columns that are in the background look ok with a concrete texture. Columns in the foreground still look streaky, as if there is a linear pattern applied to them. Any other thoughts?
  8. I am trying to apply a concrete texture to an 18" column within a Lobby. When I render in "Fast Radiosity," the material does not show up. It looks as though I left the rendering material as "None." I am using VW 12.5 on a PC. The column's attribute fill is solid. I have changed the "Map Type" to Sphere because the preview for both plane and column made the texture look linear. I have tried changing the material scale and the column radius. Does anybody have a suggestion, or the right combination of settings? Thanks!


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