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xrefs / imports??

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yes, WGR is the way ahead. You need two files:

the architects drawing file

your planting plan

import the architect?s drawing into a new VectorWorks file

save it

open your planting plan

Tools > WorkGroup References...

choose the architects file

choose the layer to link

now when the architect updates his drawing, open a new file, import the drawing and save it with the same name and in the same location as the last architects VectorWorks drawing

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You do not unlock the WGRef, but the layer linked WGRef. Highlight the linked layers, go to Edit/Unlock. What I do oif there are several linked layers is group them immediately after unlocking. Then you are good to goo w/moving, flipping, rotating, etc.

The only other way is to 'kill' the WGRef by removing it within the WGRef dialog box, but keeping it in the document. Downside- it is no longer updatable...

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After unlocking the layer linked WGref and making the necessary rotation, move, etc...I save the drawing. If I update the WGref and open my drawing again, the WGref layer link goes back to it's original alignment and placement. Is there a way upon updating a WGref to keep the adjustments made to the previous WGref so that I don't have to re-orient the WGref later link to my drawing?

Thank you for the help!

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Think of a Workgroup Reference as a snapshot of layers in one file displayed in another file. Each time you update the Workgroup Reference, it deletes everything on the referenced layer, and places a new snapshot there. The referenced layer is technically not linked to the original, it just get updated with a new snapshot each time. This is why it is not a good idea to make modifications to a referenced layer. When you update the reference, the modfications will be wiped clean, and replaced with the new snapshot.

Layer Links on the other hand are a dynamic links between layers such that changes made on the original layer are immeadiatly reflected on the Layer Link. Layer Links do not work between files though, they only work between layers within the same file.

The good thing about Layer Links is that once unlocked, they can be flipped, rotated, put at a different scale, but because they are dynamically linked to the original, they will maintain the same form as the original, even in their revised orientation or scale. Modifcations to a linked layer are not lost when changes are made to the original layer.

Combining these two features allows you to bring a layer into your file from another file using Worgroup References, then create a layer link to a new layer within the same file. If you leave the referenced layer alone, and make your modifcations to the linked layer instead, when you update your Workgroup Reference the updates will be immeadiatly reflected in the Layer Link, and the layer dispaying the link will will keep any modfications you have made to it.

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WG Refs are the layers you are 'referencing' from the reference file and bringing in to the target file- the file you are working in. They will appear at the bottom of the layer stack italicized. layer links are links of any layer or layers within the file you are creating them in. WG Refs can only be modified from the reference file (except for classes, which can be globally coptrolled within the target file). Layer links, once unlocked, can be modified in many ways be rotating, flipping, moving, copying, duplicating, and deleting wiothout anby impact to the layers being linked.

WG Refs can be modified, but it is dangerous I think. If you do unlocke and modify a WG Ref layer, it will revert to its original location once you update the ref. That is why LL's are the better tool for 'modifying' the referenced plans. I hope this helps...

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