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  1. Sometimes exporting a VW to an older version of dwg solves problems - ie. 2000 or 2002.
  2. When exporting VW files to dwg, all polylines are being converted to 'Splines' in dwg. How can I ensure that a polyline in VW exports to a polyline in dwg? Please advise, thanks.
  3. Jim, Can you describe the difference between the links and the WG refs? I may be able to figure it out if I understand the difference between the two and how each is modified. Thanks.
  4. After unlocking the layer linked WGref and making the necessary rotation, move, etc...I save the drawing. If I update the WGref and open my drawing again, the WGref layer link goes back to it's original alignment and placement. Is there a way upon updating a WGref to keep the adjustments made to the previous WGref so that I don't have to re-orient the WGref later link to my drawing? Thank you for the help!
  5. I did the WGref layer link, but when I try to manipulate (move, rotate), the WGref it tells me that "the selection is locked." How do I unlock the WGref so I can move it and rotate it within my drawing?
  6. Yes, but I import to VWorks and save. Then import.
  7. This works fine, but one other question. After importing or updating a WGR file(s). Is there any way to modify, or unlock, the WGR in my drawing - rotate, move, scale, etc...? Thanks.
  8. To update a .dwg in a drawing, do I have to import the drawing again and re-align the drawing? Or, is there a quick way to update reference drawings in Vectorworks 11.0?
  9. Is there a way to refresh an imported drawing without having to re-import the file again and re-orient it? Is this some how connected to Workgroup References? For instance, I want to update the architect's building in my landscape drawing - what is the easiest way?
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