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post editing your renders

Mat Caird

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Hi All

Here's what I do to improve my renders;

1>Export the render as a jpeg, best quality

2>Open it in photoshop, or the GIMP

3>Duplicate the background layer.

4>Use the find edges filter on the new layer, then set the opacity to 20-30 (Use 'difference of Gaussians in the GIMP)

Sometimes it's worth experimenting and selecting all the white, and deleting it. This allows the edges to show through without bleaching your image too much.

5>Duplicate the background layer again.

6>Use the diffuse glow filter (soft-glow on GIMP), tweak the opacity until you are happy

Import back into VW!

Here's the pictures....

The original image straight out of Renderworks


the edge detect filter in The GIMP, I probably could have done more pronounced edges to get a more cartoony feel


The soft glow filter in the GIMP


With all layers on, and opacity adjusted


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1>Export the render as a jpeg, best quality

This is 'standard procedure' but with the evolution of Lossless Algorithms it is no longer absolutely necessary.

If you're concerned about possible artifacts & data loss, always export the original using 'lossless' PNG format ( it offers a range of compressions and supports Alpha, too ).

Each time you save using JPEG some information & clarity are lost. This can be especially problematic with higher density output. For example, convert / Print to PDF use a low or medium JPEG algorithm to optimize the image.

Use of PNG at the beginning in Photoshop is a joy to work with and can significantly improve the final product.

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