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Recommendations on plotter purchase



I am considering purchasing a plotter. I have been using a print service to date. I am looking at the HP 120-NR and the Epson 7600. I need quality color presentation plots, 24 x36. My use should be low volume. Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?

I have read about the HP problems related to Macs and I have had good luck with the Epson products to date.

I am running OS 10.2.8 and Vectorworks Architect 10.5.0

Thank you for your thoughts in advance.


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We use the 7600 and are very satisfied; especially pleased with Epson's support. Would strongly recommend that you work with an Epson ProGraphics dealer. Ours has been indispensable. (www.pictureline.com - no, we're not affiliated in any way [smile] )

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I just purchased the HP 120 and discovered that it does not print transparent (overlay) layers. The tech people have been very good at trying to resolve this but the printer is not built to do this. Also, the black printing is of poor quality unless you use their coated paper.

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Thanks for your answers to date! I have read through many entries and keeping hearing about problems with the HP 120. However, alot of the users seem to be using older software. Gimp print doesn't have the HP 120 on its list of operational printers. My question is: If I am running current software will I still have the problems with no transparent overlays, needing to save constantly, printing at 300dpi, and weak lines? or have some of these things been taken care of??

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