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  1. Trying to reinstall 10.5 after having to reinstall my mac 10.4 software- I'm getting an error message when trying to restart VW - how do I uninstall the program so that I can start with a clean slate?
  2. I just purchased the HP 120 and discovered that it does not print transparent (overlay) layers. The tech people have been very good at trying to resolve this but the printer is not built to do this. Also, the black printing is of poor quality unless you use their coated paper.
  3. The HP DJ 120 is a PS printer ( it has an optional RIP driver that I purchased). I have 2 letter size printers, one is an Epson and the other is an HP and they print the transparency of the overlay layer with no problems. Am I missing something?
  4. I purchased a HP DJ 120 and it does not print overlay layer fills as transparent. HP support does not have a solution. I'm using VW 10.1.2 on a G4 with OS 9.2.2. Can anyone help? or suggest a reasonably priced large format printer that works well with VW?
  5. romcole

    NONE class

    When I set the class visibility to 'active only' or 'grey others' and go through the classes one by one, objects in the NONE class do not show. Why is this? and can it be corrected? I often use this to check that everything is in the correct class for my drawing.
  6. I used one of the 2D plant symbols in the resources and also a 2D plant symbols that I had edited. Neither one worked.
  7. Thanks for your message. Yes, I have the same question about when the class to create new objects is set to something other than NONE and the group of shifts to the NONE class. Can anyone give us an solution for this?
  8. I have just upgraded to 10.1 and when trying to create generic plant definitions to use with the place plant tool I receive a REC2SYMDEF-NIL message. I used the example in the landmark user's guide on pg. 5-4 as a test and I still get this message. Can you tell me what the problem is?
  9. When grouping objects is there a way to prevent the resultant group from moving to the 'none' class?
  10. Hi Robert, Architectural convention for drawings is that north points to the top of the page. If the drawing reads better in another direction that is of course used. As a design oriented architect and not a technical person I assumed that North would be pointing up (top of the y axis). After discussing this with a surveyor I work with he explained the difference and that U.S. surveys do use bearings and not azimuth angles. It would be very helpful to have a note with the PL instructions in the User's Guide. I eventually discovered the diagram in Appendix C but found it very confusing.
  11. I'm inputting info from survey into dialogue box of property line tool and the resulting lines do not look anything like the survey drawing? Am I missing something?
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