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  1. absolute views of a model (front, back, left , right) in wireframe mode crashes vectorworks, open gl mode does not ?
  2. problem still persists upgraded to 7 mb ram, no difference. got rid of old wacom tablet.
  3. On one of my computers the existing doors and windows will not insert into walls. If i duplicate a door or window it will not insert into a wall. If I want to delete a door or window that I have created in a wall, I cannot just drag it out of the wall. I have to delete it first. If I want a door or window I have to create them new each time with the door or window tool.. Is there a setting for this I am missing ? thanks, Kurt
  4. Well I fixed permissions and removed the wacom tablet drivers ( I had the latest ones installed ) . Now using a wireless logitech mouse with it's lastest driver. Now the file doesn't crash on front, left, right, back, views but does when I use the scroll wheel zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, quickly in succession. The wacom tablet I have is old so I think it's either not compatible with vwks 2011 or something else is wrong with it. So off to the trash for it. I will try a stock mac mouse and remove the logitech one to see if that affects the scroll wheel, zoom in zoom out issue.
  5. I am using a stock power mac without any special video cards. Its so weird. The file is not that big only 32 gb. One other file does the same thing but every other one seems ok ? I kinda think there is some corrupted object in it but where to start looking for it or them ?
  6. I opened the trouble file on my powerbook and it seemed fine. I reinstalled vwks and disconnected the tablet. The file still as issues. I guess I will try to fix permissions with the apple disk utility ? thanks
  7. When I look at some of my architecture files, 3d models, in front, left, right, and rear views, but not in iso views, vwks 2011 crashes . It does this in wire frame, but not in open gl. Why ? Kurt
  8. I have a file that has some object or objects in it that has been corrupted which causes the file to act really slow. The file is a 2 story house, not too complicated. When ever I try to move the mod floor plans around, it takes a long time to think about it then it moves. Sometimes spinning wheel of death shows up. Seems to act like a memory type problem. Recently I had one floor of the model open, used the move command, it delayed then the layer display changed from "1st floor plan" to "mystery object". What ??? Never had that displayed before. I tried to zoom in look for the mystery object, nothing was showing up on the display, but the file froze up. vectorworks didn't crash, I was able to do a save command then reopen it. When it reopened it was zoomed way out in space from above. How can I find this "mystery object" and remove it ? FYI the file used to crash vectorworks and it would give me a out of memory message but I removed several revision tool clouds which obviously went bad . for some reason the added a zillion vertices to them selves when I trans lated the file from vwks 2010 I have also noticed sometimes stair objects get corrupted. I cut my stair out of the file but it didn't seem to help. I ran the update plug in objects utility which was suggested by tech support but that didn't do anything noticeable and it found no objects to update. Thanks, Kurt
  9. ok so I figured out the second problem showing 2d objects in 3d. this is controlled by the unified view options which you can get to by the view menu or toggle to it by using the button (looks like a stack of paper) on the far right of the data bar next to the tea kettle. duh x2
  10. ok I figured out the wall issue. On the navigation pallet, under classes options, I had it on show snap versus show snap and modify duh!
  11. tom g is right on this. simply tracing with a polygon line tool will end up getting non parallel lines which causes the error. drawing rectangles, etc. and add surface works good but at some point roofs to get to complicated to resolve so you got to break it up into simpler areas.
  12. Ok so this is the latest in a series of weirdness I am experiencing with 2011. So I am merrily working away on a project working back & forth in 3d and for some reason now I cannot select any wall door or window in the file. I try to click on them or lasso them and nothing. When I do a "custom selection" on walls it shows that they are selected in the info dialog but they are not highlighted. when I do a "select all" they do not show up highlighted. When I export the file to 2010 same thing. When I go back using time machine and get the early version from this morning I can select them. I fixed disk permissions. no difference. WTF... I hate to loose a days work but... Any ideas ? Another thing, previously I was in a 3d front or side view and tried to draw a line to use as a guide. I draw the line and nothing shows up on the screen, but it shows a line in the info pallet. Am I missing something ? Recently on another file when i create a simple roof from a rectangle and try to change the default hip configuration to a gable configuration after it is created, the program freezes, the dreaded spinning beach ball. I exported the file to 2010 and there is no problems. Thank you for any suggestions I have 2011 architect sp5 on a powermac 2x 2.66 dual core xeon 3gb of ram OS 10.6.8
  13. Thanks, Seems kinda unintuitive.
  14. Am I missing something but how do you change the font & font size for the label on the space tool ? I can't find a dialog box on the object info pallet regarding text size and selecting the space object and going to text in the menu bar does nothing. Thanks, Kurt
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