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Texture maps with Colors instead of image maps cannot be edited



Yes, that is correct. If I have a color instead of an image, all of the edits under the "Render" tab are grayed out. I can change the mode to "plane," but it won't let me use the Attribute Adjust tool nor will it let me enter any values. It is all grayed out. This is crazy! I have the texture in plane mode and I get the message that there is no texture on the object to adjust. But there is! If I change to an image instead of a color, all is fine. What is up? VW2023 Windows 10.


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A texture with just a defined color has no mapping possibilities. As soon as an image or a procedural shader is added to any one of the shader groups, then the mapping functions are ungreyed. What are you hoping to do?

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Yeah, I think I am not understanding your objective.

A Texture with the "Color" in the Color Drop down is like a 1 pixel wide image, tiled infinitely.


Offset, scale, rotation would have no effect. For that matter couldn't Map Type be grayed out too? 

Ca you be more specific about what you are after?

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