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  1. Here is a similar effect. I use two outputs from VW, The first a Hidden line view with tweaked "careful" sketch effect. The second, a rendering or OpenGL view. In Photoshop I stack the HL view over the rendering with a "Multiply" bend mode. In between the two I create a 3rd layer, filled white and with a "Screen" blend mode. When I "Paint" black on the middle layer ( using very low opacity and a textured brush) it reveals the color underneath. I created a PS Action to automate the process. Bart Bartxd.com
  2. I have this issue all the time. Its such a nuisance. Bart
  3. I've downloaded some scripts from the forum (Vitrine_Socle_v2020) and I have made a pretty good attempt at making my own, However, I have a Marionette Object and whenever I update the texture of one of my objects, all of the objects change texture, I was sure it was me until I tried some of the files I downloaded from others and it is happening there too. Is it me? Are these mysterious TextureIndex numbers getting reassigned and changing the assigned texture of other objects? Please Help Bart **Update: I found that by assigning a class to each object and settign textures by class it is more stable. It is not as interactive as I would like but it works.** Running VW Arch 2020 SP3.1 Vitrine Script.vwx
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