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VP updating often crashes vwx24.3.1



Not sure if anyone else has this mentioned before, but since the update to 24.3 resp. 24.3.1 i experience very often random chrashes when updating viewports.

My actual project is a complete 3 project where only annotations are 2d elements. So i set up vp with different layer visibility settings (display as grey, setting opacity i.e.)

Also when updating sections, where the section line is altered, vwx crashes.

I can not find a routine to reproduce a crash but it is a bit annoying...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@bjoerka I am not aware of any issues like this related to Update 3.1. If you contact Technical Support directly, we can retrieve some crash logs and more info to help figure out what is causing this. Thanks!

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Just for information, also to reach others...


I received an email from techsupport. They could rebuild the crash and it´s related to multiple window panes.

When these are deactivated the crash no longer occurs.

Will be fixed in update 4 - .-)



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There seems to be a lot of issues with VW's 2024.  They all come down to memory handling.  At first I thought the program was crashing, but then came to realize it was thinking.   But, sometimes it won't put its thoughts down on the screen until I change views.  

Another is when rendering, the teapot appears to stop and the Global Illumination process seems to stop, but then wait one minute and the image appears.  Do it again and it works as it should.


I can tell when a crash is coming usually and just save, restart the program and carry on.

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