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Spotlight Numbering as dockable palette?


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You can make a shortcut for open the numbering tool quite quick. I have added a shortcut to my stream deck. Making it bit quicker.


But would be awesome to enhance the numbering tool a bit.


A shortcut or button to sett 1 and bump the prifix up one . E.g numbering is at LX1-4 and with one click or shortcut hit it is LX2-1.

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Non-modal dialogs aren't possible in Vectorworks at the moment, so the request would need some scaffolding.


I'm also going to take a moment to shamelessly plug the sequencing features of Savvy Select Similar Instrument. You can use the mode bar keyboard shortcuts in conjunction with the tool to very quickly select and number units. https://benghiatlighting.com/software/product/savvy-select-similar-instrument-3/ 

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Thanks all.  I do think it would really speed up use.

Coming from a WYG background I also always appreciated the quick increment and decrement shortcuts that could be triggered while using the tool.


In the meantime, however, even making the visible area of the fields for Prefix and Suffix longer would be hugely helpful (I'm using it for ConnectCAD and labelling can get lengthy).


... and while I'm at it... a 'recover' button for when you do all your selections and then click away, forgetting to click the checkmark.

The WYG workflow just applied as one clicked.  Not sure the reasoning for the additional step in VW when there is always Ctrl-z if you make a mistake.


It's also a bit unfortunate there is no way to use find and replace on device names for a selected group of ConnectCAD devices.  This would be even easier than Spotlight Numbering for repetitions of similar rooms...


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