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Modelling Joinery


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Simple rectilinear shapes like that are probably best modeled using extruded rectangles that are then located. Very similar to how you would build it in real life.


Four extrusions for the legs

six extrusions for the rails (or maybe 5 if the back is plain or you dont' need it)

Five extrusions for each door (frame plus panel)

Three extrusion for the top.


Knobs if you need them would be Sweeps.

Hinges will depend on how accurate you need them. I would probably consider just doing a round extrusion and placing it on top, but you could also do a profile with the "wings" of the hinge in top view before you extrude. Or even make them as two or 3 separate pieces as in real life. If you need the detail you can make a cutting object and use that to make the rabbets for the hinges.



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