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After installing VW2024 Update 1, the window schedule I had drawn using a Graphic Legend seems to have an issue.

The design layer that the windows are drawn at is not at '0' and has an elevation of 293900.

However the graphic legend is now drawing the floor level at '0' and is also dimensioning the windows from '0' and I can't see how to make it show the floor level at the correct elevation?

Attached is a PDF of what the legend used to look like plus a VW file that has this issue.

Is there anyone that could spare a minute to check if there is a setting I am missing?

Note, the windows are 'Windoor' objects.


Graphic Legend Issue.vwx Window Schedule 2023-10-12.pdf

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This should be fixed for Update 2. Once you get the update, you will first need to regenerate all WinDoor objects in the file via the AEC menu > Show-Hide WinDoor detail command. Once completed you can then update the GL. I tested the fix with your file and confirmed the GL then displayed correctly.

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@BG has offered a convenient means to achieve the desired result [when a model is elevated above 0]: 

Duplicate the Design Layer that the windows/doors are drawn on and changed the elevation of that later to ‘0’.

Edit the Graphic Legend's Style to only include objects on the new Design Layer. 


@BG, perhaps a Design Layer Viewport on a new, empty Design Layer would enable a 'live' version of this solution. So changes made on the original Design Layer will automatically show up in the Graphic Legend. 

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