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VW2024 Floor and Reshape Tool Bug

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There appears to be a bug in VW2024.  You cant reshape floors with the Reshape Tool without double clicking into the shape. If you happen to reshape the floor the selection handle moves but the floor does not.  There are also snapping issues, that I need to explore.  May be problems on my end.


If you do try to reshape, the floor gets corrupted and cannot be selected.  VW 2023 does not work this way.


I will submit this as a bug.



Reshape floor problem.vwxScreenShot2023-10-16at12_00_27PM.thumb.png.67f1148a05998c687d2aa189c27e604f.png

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What I noticed was that you can 'uncorrupt' the Floor by entering the edit mode for the base Rectangle then exiting again. But definitely needs attention. Thanks for raising it with VW @cberg! Ironically you can reshape it fine using the Selection Tool (in VW2023 a Floor doesn't have reshape handles unless the Reshape Tool is activated).


I have just tried my first project in VW2024 + have noticed that Roofs aren't clipping Walls properly so reverting to VW2023... (will file bug). 


Another QuickTime tip: Edit > Trim allows you to trim excess frames off the end.

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