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  1. I just asked this to tech support, and they recommended I add it to a wish list. Any way to create a dashed 3D polygon? I have been trying to create a snapshot of a site model so that in. a cross section, the existing terrain appears as a dashed profile. I have been able to create a 3d Polygon or extract the face of the cross section into a 3D polygon, but that doesn't appear dashed in section. (I know you can stack up section viewports on a (paper space) page with difference rendering characteristics, but looking for a solution that is simpler and doesnt require updating viewports.)
  2. I just noticed the same problem. On a Mac, I can operate the VR object with Quicktime 7.6.4 (Leopard) but not Quicktime 10.0 (Snow Leopard). Makes it hard to circulate VR objects to clients who by default might be running 64bit Quicktime. Does Tech Support have any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip about Add Surface and Clip Surface. The funny thing about the workaround extrude trick with SP2, is that now it seems to only work sporadically.
  4. It seems that with V2009 sp2, you no longer are able to edit the shapes of floors (or roof planes or extrude) with context showing in the background. Previously, as a workaround, I was able to edit and see context as long as the polygon that defined the shape of the floor was first made a group. Has anyone found a workaround with SP2?
  5. I've read that it is not possible to transfer viewports from one document to another, but is it possible to export their settings? I've customized lots of layer overrides and class overrides in numerous viewports and want to retain or transfer them to a second document file. I don't want to make a template or make a copy of my original drawing since there seem to be anomalies and Z issues that I want to leave behind. Any thoughts?
  6. I've got a similar question, however I want to move the z origin a few thousand feet. In my drawing, the "z" origin is a way off the page, by a few thousand feet when looking at the gray ruler on the left side of the page when in a 3D view. I may have accidentally started my drawing this way (perhaps by starting my drawing using imported surveyor information). Now, when I view 3D with nothing selected, the information disappears a few thousand feet off the screen. I found some interesting definitions of origin (internal origin vs. user origin) on a vectorlab.info site. On it, the author says that this internal z origin is established by the center of the page when you open a new document and that this internal origin can't be moved. I've been still been wondering if anyone has found a way to change that z internal origin. It would be very helpful to try to keep any 3D info "on the screen" without having to resort to saved view workarounds or pre-selecting something before using the 9-key pad to look at my model. Also wondering if this z internal origin is the same as the z origin of the ground plane.
  7. As Gilda Radner famously said, "Nevermind...." If you grab the device from from your resource browser, the font size is not editable, but I just tried inserting one from a tool bar and found you can edit it.
  8. Is there a way to alter the default font sizes for the "config label" setting for switches, outlets, comm devices, etc.? The default size seems to be different in each case and I would like them to print with the same font. I'm not vector script savvy yet, (and when I did try to open one wit the vectorscript editor, a prompt said the plug-in object was locked.)
  9. My Service Pack 1 Update did not seem to fix the problem of horizontal planes. I did figure out that by turning off the sill feature, the horizontal planes seems to disappear, but I would like to hear if there are any other solutions available. . . .
  10. Just found this post searching for a solution to the same problem. I've experienced this same problem in both 12.5 and now in 2008. For a while I tried a workaround by flipping the windows back and forth, and toggling "use wall thickness", but it was unreliable, and not an option if you your interior and exterior window trim is different. Any solutions out there?
  11. How could you transer this to a Door Schedule so that with a 6'8" door with a 2" threshold, your Rough Opening would change? At first I tried to do this with "threshold thickness" and creating a modified Rouch Opening column which would add the RO height of the door to a threshold thickness but couldn't deduce what the proper record name for threshold thickness was. Thanks. Following up on an old thread via search.


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