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Marionette colouring worksheet cells - possible?


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When I'm doing plant orders I like to colour cells once I know an order is complete for that particular plant. I do everything in worksheets as have never found the plant database thing useful to how I work.


Doing this manually is tedious:
1 select cell
2 right click
3 format
4 select format tab
5 dropdown
6 solid
7 Select colour
8 Ok


I do not yet work with  Marionette but have seen a few work nodes that mention  colouring worksheet cells, but haven't found anything like this.

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It does not appear that any of the VW2023 default Marionette nodes provide for Worksheet Cell Formatting.


But there are Vectorscript calls to do this, so it should be relatively easy to modify the SetCellFormula node to do what you want.


The line of the script that sets the formula at the bottom of the SetCellFormula node is:


if worksheet != vs.Handle(0):
        formula = vs.SetWSCellFormulaN(worksheet, top, left, bottom, right, formula)



If you change the SetWSCellFormulaN to



( worksheet:HANDLE;









) ;


You will only need to remove the formula input and add the Style, bicolor, fgcolor, and fill pattern values.


There is also another trick that you have to do at the top of the node to make it changeable that I can never remember.  @sbarrett@Marissa Farrell can you help here?

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