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Interiocad 2023 section viewport issue.

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Hy everyone, I'm running Vectorworks 2023 and Interiocad trial license and had some issues using section viewport for cabinets.

The parts appear out of place in the viewport, as in the images below:


Left Image - Design layer, Left clip cube view, wireframe. Plinth is in the right place.

Right Image - Sheet layer, 2 section viewports from the same cabinet (done through clip cube), hidden line. In the first one, Plinth and doors out of place. In the last one, door is ok but front plinth is out of place




Any Idea?


@Stephan Moenninghoff


@Kevin K






image.png.3ee05e5f82b32a1e952b140391e0469b.png.    image.thumb.png.2cae20fe439ee112ca301ee0fd26bb3c.png


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@Bruno SáI am visiting another island here in French Poly at the moment, so to computer access. One thought…did you try opening the file in VW 2022 to see if you have the same issues?

i don’t have InteriorCad for 2023, but am happy to have a look if you upload the file to me in 2022.

Otherwise, my best advice would be to check with @Stephan Moenninghoff.  He is pretty much the guru for all things InteriorCad 🙂

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Hi Everybody, here goes an update...

We finally have the permanent license, so everything is updated now. The issue is gone! Section viewport works fine now!


By the way, as we now have a Service Select Subscription, I'm using company e-mail!

Thanks everyone for the attention, and as we're beginners using Interiorcad we'll probably be here many times!


Great regards!




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