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  1. @Stephan Moenninghoff I already create the solid peace...using NURBs and loft surface...and then shell, as you can see in the first image. What I need now is to have this peace in 2D to send to CNC. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Everybody! I received some 2D drawings to produce a customer service counter in a mall and need some help with an issue... I'm modeling the counter to set the construction documents and CNC files, but don't know how to plan one of the pieces direct from the 3D. Attached some images to illustrate the issue...the yellow piece in the model is the one I want to create a plan for a CNC file. Any idea? Thanks!
  3. Great Pat! I'll check it out and give you feedback later! Thanks again!
  4. @Pat Stanford You're right! What I need is to show the path to the file location at the title block. Do you know how to do it? Thank's a lot! Bruno.
  5. I'll check it out! Give you feedback later! Thanks again!
  6. yes, but wich library contain this symbol?
  7. Hi Mark! I did it, but don't know why it didn't work! I'll try again... Thanks
  8. Hi everybody! Does anyone know if there's possible to link a text in the title block with the file location? Thanks! Bruno.
  9. It's an alternative Alan! Thank you! B.
  10. Great Mark! I'll take a look at this plug-in! Thanks! B.
  11. Hi Benson! Nice to hear from you again! The idea was not to create a walk-through animation because of the amount of work it demands, but I guess that this will be the way to get there! Do you know if in Cinema 4D the process is the same? Thanks! Bruno.
  12. Hi everybody! A friend comes with an issue today, as I'm the only one who uses VW in the company at the moment... Can we simulate a movement of a piece of furniture on Vectorworks? like opening a drawer for example? Is the software capable to create animation? Thanks for all! Bruno.
  13. Great Benson! I'm getting there...I first tried to use just the area considering the 2D source an MDF board, in this case, the extrusion would be always the thickness of the board, which I could name in a text record and have my worksheet organized, but...area function doesn't work when I edit the extrusion like tapering a face in 45º (it becomes a generic solid)...then I'm trying to use your idea above...tell you if it works! Thanks again!
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