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Apply Fill Across Plant Group has bug

John Moe


In Landmark 2023, after creating a randomly placed plant grouping where some or all of the plant symbols are slightly overlapping, I go into the Object Info Palette and check the box to select "Apply Fill Across Plant Group"  The fill "spills" out between some of the plants, especially those in a triangular arrangement such that the fill cuts directly across between plants rather than only filling within the plant outline.  This occurs whether the symbols are VWX symbols or symbols I have created.  It occurs whether or not the outline has been selected (tight, one, two or three loose outlines).  Also, it doesn't seem to matter if the plants have been connected (gapped solid, etc...)  Restarting doesn't help and I have the most current service pack installed.   

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@John MoeThere is an issue with some of the (strappy leaf/ succulent type) 2d plant graphics not displaying correctly as a group when 'Apply fill across plant group' is checked. It is fixed for 2024. You can fix it yourself by rebuilding and/or inserting the filled polyline/polygon that appears at the back of the stack on Class 'Plants-Component-Color Fill'. That's the object that is unified to create the silhouette graphic. 

Tip: To quickly create the silhouette poly, use the polygon in 'outer boundary mode' and mouse around the folliage graphic. 


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I'm seeing this issue as well.  I've opened an older drawing that had plant groups filled correctly, but after any edit (even repositioning the plant tag) the space gets filled in.  See screenshot attached of original correct behaviour, and then after moving the plant tag slightly.

There is a point where if you move items far enough apart they go back to single groups.

Rebuilding or reinserting the color fill poloygon/polyline at the back of the stack does not seem to resolve it.  Even when it's a simple circle.




Landmark 2023 SP4 on MacOS 13.2.1

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Any update to this? Im having the same problem with the fill plant fill tool. I manually went into the 2D object edit and copied the outline and re assigned the newly created polyline to the 'colour fill' class. Didnt make any difference. 

Screenshot 2023-05-08 164151.png

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