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  1. I am having a similar problem of the arrows flipping to the outside for anything less than 2010mm. I have tried ticking the 'Arrows Inside' box, but it wont tick it. It doesn't seem to matter which dimension style I use. There is plenty of room there for them to fit inside. Any ideas? Cheers, Nick VW Landmark 2010 - Mac
  2. How stupid of me! :blush: Having never found a need to change the 2D Reshape mode I never thought to try playing with that. I must have accidentally changed it. Problem solved!! Thank you so much for your super quick reply! NPK
  3. I am having trouble with my callout objects. They were working perfectly and then suddenly they just stopped letting me adjust the text width, shoulder and leader. I can still double-click to edit the text. The behaviour is the same in annotations on a viewport or any other layer. It is not isolated to the one file, it does the same in new files and old files. Any thoughts on how to fixt this? Cheers ------------------------------------------------------------- VW 2010 Landmark, MBP OSX 10.7.1
  4. I'm having this issue on almost every plan I do. It's happening on both mac and windows. Editing the definition to apply 2d rendering on creation helps get them back, but it's not a permanent solution to the problem. It's very annoying, especially when my client calls me to say that there are plants not shown and they want it fixed and reprinted. Is there a permanent fix for this problem yet????


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