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Walls’ cross intersection ?





I’m working on an existing chalet in the french Alps.

It has a particular structure with crossing pieces of wood.

I don’t manage to make it with Vectorworks.


How can I make the crossing of the walls without creating 2 different types of walls ?

Did I missed something ? Or maybe that will be a Vectorworks enhancement ?


thanks !



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I think the best you can do is offer up the left hand wall to the others + not join it + accept the faint line in between in Top/Plan


66714645_Screenshot2022-12-01at11_19_15.thumb.png.2ea5c3433acf527d41aeda2c192e8e7e.png  818011730_Screenshot2022-12-01at11_19_40.thumb.png.a7bcc2f98f44aa38dee59df06e5d1964.png


I think wall/component joining could definitely be improved. You can spend ages messing around trying to get the configuration you want + often have to return to remake the connections when you find they've decided to come apart again. Wall End Cap is very useful for achieving particular details but again quite time consuming + doesn't work in your case (works in Top/Plan but not in 3D).

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