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  1. I manage to make something with marionette. But I had some trouble with the concat node, it doesn’t concatenate each item of lists to make a list result. for example 3 lists : A; B; C with for each 3 items inside : 1, 2, 3. If I use the concat node the result is a string : A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 and I wanted to have one result list : A1 B1 C1, A2 B2 C2, A3 B3 C3. @Marissa Farrell did I miss something ? I found a concat node made by @DomC which does what I needed (thank you !) Here is the file with the result. If anybody has some improvement to suggest… Vectorworks Script.vwx
  2. Hi, I need help to make an operation I think could be quite common. I’m working on a big project with an existing building. We received a really big IFC model of the building. I would like to classify the elements in different classes following the IFC - material - component 1 field, so I can defined attributes by classes and have a coherent representation of the IFC file in plan and sections. Is there a way of doing that by script ? - select objects - for each object (Object) : · get the class (ObjectClass) · get the IFC-material-component 1(ObjectIfcMaterial) - create class named ObjectClass-ObjectIfcMaterial - assign the class ObjectClass-ObjectIfcMaterial to Object For example in the attached file : There is a beam IfcEntity object. Its class is 3D.S-POUTRES and the IFC material component 1 is Acier structurel - S235 The goal would be the automatically assign a new class named 3D.S-POUTRES-Acier structurel - S235. Does someone can help me with that ? (maybe @PatStanford?) Thanks ! Vectorworks Script.vwx
  3. I have to say that this is really annoying : I can’t do presentations live of sun studies on my laptop computer anymore……… Every test have to be made before and exported… 😞
  4. I’m not perfectly aware of all those licenses things. But Rhino is a commercial product also. You can download the lady bug tools as free from their website. They come with grasshopper files for installation and example files. So I don’t get why their couldn’t be such marionnette tools for Vectorworks instead of Rhino ? > I think that is what you mentioned by strictly separate the Ladybug GNU Code from proprietary Vectorworks Code. Maybe Vectorworks could have a discussion with those developers to get an agreement of partnership instead of developing equivalent tools (in a much poorer version). At this time, lady bug tools are ssooooo far in the front from the poor heliodon and energos tools… And some of those tools, specially for lights / sun studies are a part of the architect’s work. There is also a commercial version of their tools which is called Pollinisation, which is a plugin for Rhino and Revit.
  5. Hi, I wish that instead of developing energos and other analysis marionnette objects specific for Vectorworks and with limitations, that could be created the integration of ladybug tools. https://www.ladybug.tools They are open tools, and written in Python. Today, they are usable with Rhino. Don’t be afraid of the first look, those tools are awesome and allow to make really precise analysis based on open source and recognised calculation engines like energy+ or OpenFOAM : - thermo dynamic simulation - energy needs - illuminance - airflows - summer comfort - shadows analysis - … As there is marionnette inside Vectorworks, it should not be really complicated to use those tools with vectorworks for the 3D model part instead of Rhino. And thought that it would make Vectorworks the only Architect CAD software that allows you to make precise analysis, but it seems that there is already a commercial Revit plugin… Nevertheless, this connection between Ladybug tools and Vectorworks would be awesome. Best, Gaëtan https://docs.ladybug.tools/ladybug-tools-academy/v/climate-analysis/sun-path-sky-mask-and-direct-sun-hours
  6. I created a specific topic for doors with glass leaf :
  7. Wishlist, item n°6 It would be nice to get correct 2D plan for a door with a glass leaf.
  8. Yes ! I don’t know if it is an other improvement request, but the main point is that glass leaf of doors are not seen in 2D plan. By the way, I don’t understand why windows and doors are different tools… Sometimes, things are not so manichean… 😉
  9. Here it is. Setting glass panels for leafs in the door tool do no have any impact in 2D plan representation.
  10. Wishlist, item n°5 Custom sash and jamb profiles. For now, sash and jamb profiles are rectangles and we can only set the depth and the width of those profile. An interresting enhancement would be to be able to set custom profiles (custom 2D polygons / 2D symbols). So that would introduce to be able to draw infinite kind of jambs and sash with or without rabbets etc.
  11. Partially, But it does not make good 2D and 3D representation as it is sliding windows.
  12. Hi @Christiaan, Sorry I did not understood where to post them individually. I’ll continu where you moved the others.
  13. Wishlist, item n°4 Possibility to set a Rabbet X/Y for doors and windows (including sliding windows). In common drawings, at least in europe, we usually draw doors and windows with a rabbet. Sometimes it is important because it can change the visual aspect of an exterior window, for example a sash can disappear inside the widow jamb on the sides). Thoses settings should be added inside the US tool (it exists partially inside the Benelux and french tools).
  14. Wishlist, item n°3 Possibility to set different class / attributes for viewed jamb and sectioned jamb If you draw a bottom to ceiling window, the bottom frame of the window can be recessed into the floor. (like on the photo of the previous post). So in 2D plan, you don’t want the side jamb to get the same attribute as the bottom jamb. So we should be able to set seen jamb and cutted jamb separately to get correct 2D plan.
  15. Wishlist, item n°2 6 panels sliding windows (or more) I would be great to be able to draw 6 panels sliding doors as they are available from manufacturers. Now the limit is 4.
  16. Wishlist, item n°1 Level of insertion following story’s levels. I would be useful to be able to set the level of insertion, I mean the “Elevation” parameter, of a window following a level of a story. It would allow to create a level for the sills of the windows and to set the Elevation parameter following the sills’ level. Or to set the Elevation parameter following the finish floor’s level with an offset (1 meter for example). When projects get more detailed, the finishing layer of the floor changes. With this option, the update would be easy. Also, I think this goes main in the direction since the stories’ levels introduction.
  17. Thanks @Christiaanfor all the time you took for several (too much) years on this topic. by the way there were things that we needed in the US window’s tool I suggested last year to add in your thread : - level of insertion following story’s levels - 6 panels sliding windows (or more) - possibility to set different class / attributes for viewed jamb and sectioned jamb - possibility to set a Rabbet X/Y for doors and windows (including sliding windows) - if I let me dreaming : custom jamb and sash profiles… I think, it is just a matter a priority of what should be involved first. Here in France, Vectorworks is really not a common tools for architects. The windows and doors tool(s) is the only thing that I can’t explain why it is such a mess (different tools, different possibility depending of which tool is used). From my experience, it is the first reason why architects are not exited about using Vectorworks instead of ArchiCAD for BIM / 3D drawing. I hope Vectorworks Inc. set windows and doors tools improvements to the highest priority in development, for us, existing users, and for them, to get new users.
  18. I’m a french architect, and I work on an Australian project. I get Vectorworks files of the existing (lucky part), but all the widows are WinDoor objects (unlucky part). Fortunately, WinDoor objects are now accessible within an french distribution of Vectorworks (lucky part), but the tool is sooooo different from the US one (and from the french one, and from the belenux one), that it is really a mess to use them. One year after the creation of this topic, my opinion about those multiple windows and doors tools did not change, unfortunately as the way Vectorworks inc. and their distributors deals with it. The windows and doors are really the biggest annoying point using Vectorworks as architect today. What kind of roadmap does exist for this (those) tool(s) ?
  19. I found the Lady Bug Tools, open source, written with Python which are awesome : https://www.ladybug.tools Unfortunatly, they run on Rhino/Grasshopper, but they are really awesome. I think Vectorworks Inc. should have a look…
  20. Looks like Chronolux is only available through LSS Arch extension now. Would it be possible to get this kind of tool through Script or Marionette ? We also would need this kind of tool  > be able to get images with gradients depending of the number of hours of direct insolation but also to get the number of hours of direct insolation of a specific area and for a defined duration. Here is an example of a report available on the internet with comparison values of insolation we would like to manage to get : https://perie-archi.fr/medias/etude-ensoleillement-exemple.pdf @sbarrett?
  21. After ½hour on Vectorworks with eGPU (Vega56 + Chrome X), I get this crash (see video). It happens every 30min. more or less. Quitting and re-lanching Vectorworks solve this. At the end, when the display come back to something “normal”, actually it is freezed. I drew a rectangle which not appears. I only see it when I restart Vectorworks and open the file. IMG_0312.mp4 @GuntherWhat can I do ? (apart from buying a new computer…;-))
  22. Thanks Gunther for confirming this bug ! It is sad, I love my 2700€ 13“ MacBook Pro. I have a eGPU for heavy work, but often the graphics of Vectorworks craches with the eGPU - Vega 56 in a Razor Chroma case - (very strange things on the screen). I can make a video of it. So I had a configuration previous years that worked, and this year I have to choose which bug I prefer 🤔…
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