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Vw2023 SP2 bug - Coplanar objects in SVLP show lines between surfaces which did not show in SP1



I just installed Vw2023 SP2, and on a file that looked correct in SP1 -- I am now seeing lines between coplanar objects in all of my SLVP.


These wall objects are perfectly coplanar, and these lines did not show up in SP1. No other changes to the file or SLVP other than opening it up in SP2 and updating the out-of-date viewport. 


One step forward... two steps back...




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I rolled back to Vw2023 SP1 this morning.


I reopened the same file, updated the same SLVP again, and I am back to the coplanar lines not showing up -- correctly as they shouldn't. 


Here is a screen cap of the same SLVP area in SP1 --  note that the horizontal line at the floor line and the vertical lines on the foundation are gone:



This is clearly a bug introduced in SP2 -- which I won't be installing until this is fixed.


I submitted this as a bug yesterday, 2022/11/22 (VSS case number: 00282060).

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