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Vw2023 SP2 bug - Coplanar objects in SVLP show lines between surfaces which did not show in SP1



I just installed Vw2023 SP2, and on a file that looked correct in SP1 -- I am now seeing lines between coplanar objects in all of my SLVP.


These wall objects are perfectly coplanar, and these lines did not show up in SP1. No other changes to the file or SLVP other than opening it up in SP2 and updating the out-of-date viewport. 


One step forward... two steps back...




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I rolled back to Vw2023 SP1 this morning.


I reopened the same file, updated the same SLVP again, and I am back to the coplanar lines not showing up -- correctly as they shouldn't. 


Here is a screen cap of the same SLVP area in SP1 --  note that the horizontal line at the floor line and the vertical lines on the foundation are gone:



This is clearly a bug introduced in SP2 -- which I won't be installing until this is fixed.


I submitted this as a bug yesterday, 2022/11/22 (VSS case number: 00282060).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
18 hours ago, rDesign said:

I just checked the release notes on Vw2023 SP3, and did not see any reference that this bug (VB-191992) had been fixed.


UPDATE: I have installed SP3 and so far so good, it seems like this bug has been fixed.


Yes.  I just tested this and believe it was fixed along with another related bug but it was not tagged as resolved.

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@Matt Panzer I am very glad this has been resolved but in my case perhaps not completely...


This is a VP with Lines + Shadow as background render + hidden line as foreground:




The HL element is now working fine:




But the L+S element is displaying the line:




All fine in Shaded:




I need to open the file in VW2022 + see what's happening there. But presumably this shouldn't be happening?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
12 hours ago, Tom W. said:

Just tested in VW2022 + it's the same thing there so obviously not the VW2023 SP2 issue as per the OP. Perhaps Lines + Shadow has always been like this + I never noticed? I don't use it that much. Even so be nice if it didn't!


I believe that is correct.  The Artistic render modes are very different than Hidden Line render mode.  You may get what you're after by using "Lines and Shading" background render mode with an "Edge thickness" pf zero with Hidden Line foreground mode.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
34 minutes ago, Tom W. said:


Good thinking!! You can't set it to zero pixels but 0.001 has done the trick. Perfect thank you.

You’re welcome!

interesting that it cannot be set to zero.  I thought I had done that before.  Well, if 0.0001 works… 🙂

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