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Found 10 results

  1. Right now when you select a lot of different objects there is no way to filter the selected objects. The info object palette only shows the total number of selected objects. Revit has a built in selection filter option, but lacks some functionality. One of the best selection filter plugin for Revit is OneFilter. FilterMore is a bit more basic but also nice. Note the requested tool is not similar to the magic wand tool. I'm asking for a tool that can filter the selection after you selected a bunch of objects. It would be awesome if Vectorworks could get a similar selection filter as mentioned examples: Must have functionalities: - Shows list of all selected objects. First grouped by main category (wall/roof/door etc.) than by objecttype/style and last by item (Like FilterMore) - Selection mark button to add or de-select item from the list - Button to reverse checked items / select all / select none Nice to have functionalities: - Filter selection by class/layer - Filter selection by parameters - Save filter rules for later use Maybe this can already be realized with a plugin/vectorscript? I'm more than happy to donate some money to the person that comes up with this tool. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, How do I make a copy, using Move By Point, but only one selected item at a time? I seem to have accidentally activated a setting where Vectorworks remembers the previous selection, and therefore makes exponential copies each time. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to start automating some tasks I am performing in VW using Vectorscript but am new to it. The first task I would like to automate is SELECTING ALL OBJECTS OF A CERTAIN FILL FORE COLOUR (rgb values, in this case specifically 255, 255, 204) AND CHANGING THE FILL FORE COLOUR TO DIFFERENT COLOUR (rgb values 187, 209, 96, ideally, but not necessarily also 40% opacity). It is important to perform all at once, since I want to be able to perform multiple such specific colour and line colour/weight changes all at one go. From studying tutorials and adjusting the script in 'Setting/Changing Object color' thread, this is what I have: PROCEDURE GreenUpdate; FUNCTION MakeItGreen(h :HANDLE) :BOOLEAN; VAR r, g, b :LONGINT; BEGIN GetFillBack(h,r,g,b); IF (r = 255) & (g = 255) & (b = 204) THEN SetFillBack(h,187,206,96); GetFillFore(h,r,g,b); IF (r = 255) & (g = 255) & (b = 204) THEN SetFillFore(h,187,206,96); END; BEGIN { Each object option here is set to affect all objects, on all layers, using a deep traversal} ForEachObjectInLayer(MakeItGreen,0,2,1); END; Run(GreenUpdate); The script compiles but does not do anything! I tried to delete as little from the original as possible not to mess it up.. Thanks so much for helping 🙂
  4. It would be useful if you could deselect multiple objects with a drag box. This would be similar to the current function when holding 'shift' and drag marquis around, which deselects selected - but also selects unselected. Maybe holding down 'ctrl' could only deselect, and holding down the apple key could only add. Or perhaps an option for the selection tool, to only add or only remove.
  5. It would be great to have the 'select+option' copy feature work without having to hold sdown the option key, but just toggling the option key. ie. if you want to copy something with the 'selection' tool: select the object, hit 'option' once (and release) and move copied object. Hit 'option' again if you change your mind.
  6. Hi everyone! I was recently asked how could one get rid of the shortest lines of an imported DWG drawing. After some searching, I could only find the advice of someone pointing to a Marionette solution. After some self teaching I want to share this little wrapper which, once turned into a menu command, deletes the lines from a selection which are shorter than one drawing unit. On the one side, job done! On the other side, I have a little wishlist that maybe someone could help me with. I would like this tool to be able to: - manually select the length for everytime the command is executed - work in a way which is more graphic, i.e. not a menu command - work also for older versions (I tried exporting to 2016 without success) Thanks in advance for your insights / comments ! maxLength_1 unit.vwx
  7. When in the OpenGL render mode: I have some trouble with selecting objects that are behind or in the middle of a PluginObject written in C++. This problem doesn't occur in Vectorscript. The blocking object itself containts a transparent extrusion, but It doesn't seems to be transparent itself. I didn't found a way to set the PluginObject itself to transparent other than changing it from class. In other words: I'm looking for some function that can almost any object transparent and not just 2D poly's. like with gSDK->SetFillPat(rect,0); -Edit What I forgot to mention is that at first my extrusion was made transparent just by assigning a class that was set to no fill, this wasn't enough to solve my needs.
  8. It would be nice to have an option that marquee selection does not deselect already selected items if you cannot avoid overlapping them when marquee selecting additional objects.
  9. 1. Drag : Please change the way it works so that it is possible to add a numeric value "after" you left your left mouse button. So the tool stays active after a Drag operation to accept numerical distance input - depending on drag/cursor direction ! That it is no more necessary to start input Numbers BEFORE you can leave the mouse button. (Left Hands stays to do shortcuts, only Right Hand switches between Mouse and Num Block numerical entries) Like : Click and hold LMB > Drag to RIGHT > release LMB > Num Block : "10,62" => Drag Distance X = 10,62 working units or Click and hold LMB > Drag to LEFT > release LMB > Num Block : "10,62" => Drag Distance X = minus 10,62 working units or Click and hold LMB > Drag to TOP > release LMB > Num Block : "10,62" => Drag Distance Y = 10,62 working units or Click and hold LMB > Drag to BOTTOM > release LMB > Num Block : "10,62" => Drag Distance Y = minus 10,62 working units So including cursor direction recognition. (In general for all Tools !) If there will not follow any numerical input and instead you do a mouse click to select or drag again it will behave as normally.
  10. 1. Move Mode : In any case, please deactivate that Copy Multiplier Number in any Move Mode. And Zero Multiplier in Copy Mode.
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