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  1. Hi everyone! I was recently asked how could one get rid of the shortest lines of an imported DWG drawing. After some searching, I could only find the advice of someone pointing to a Marionette solution. After some self teaching I want to share this little wrapper which, once turned into a menu command, deletes the lines from a selection which are shorter than one drawing unit. On the one side, job done! On the other side, I have a little wishlist that maybe someone could help me with. I would like this tool to be able to: - manually select the length for everytime the command is executed - work in a way which is more graphic, i.e. not a menu command - work also for older versions (I tried exporting to 2016 without success) Thanks in advance for your insights / comments ! maxLength_1 unit.vwx
  2. That is really really useful, thanks a lot! It is also very clearly build, which made me introduce a small tweak: vertikalVersatz, in order to choose the alignment of the rectangle in relation to the text boxes. Maybe there is a more efficient way to do this, though...
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