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Found 8 results

  1. I have a rectangle that changes size based on user input for width and height. I need to place circles in each corner of the rectangle. Then, duplicate and distribute circles around the edges of the rectangle with equal spacing, the spacing will be based on a user input. The quantity of duplicates needs to be based on the rectangle's size and circles spacing distance. I may also need to fill in the middle of the rectangle with circles in a spaced grid with the same spacing, but one thing at a time.. There is probably a easy solution for this, but I can't seem to find the Marionette way to do this at the moment... I know about duplicate array when drawing this the normal way, but am trying to find a Marionette solution. Anyone got an idea or node that would do this simply? I've attached a VW2024 file. Thank you in advance for helping a Marionette newbie out! Circles evenly spaced test file .vwx
  2. So regularly, I need to duplicate a series of classes (and their objects!), but I need to change a name in the string - in this example "OG" I want to name "V2" when duplicated: Instead of Projector-OG-01-Beam 2, Mount 2, etc, I would like it to duplicate and do this: My work around to do this is to use Batch Rename. Uncheck every class. Filter it, check the classes I want to edit, and change the string item "OG" to "V2": And then remove the " 2": In other programs this would be a string substitution on duplication and would be one step not many steps as the workaround above indicates. Now if only there was a way to do this as well as duplicate the objects into their new classes! Right now I do this class duplication nonsense and then one by one I copy each object, paste it, and put it into the new class. Woof! 🐶 Here's someone else asking for it, wondering if it's happened since then: Here too:
  3. I want to duplicate some extrusions in a marionette object with the duplicate or array node. Both work pretty good, but the original always stays in the drawing, so there are 2 extrusions in one place. How do I delete one of these two? Or have the duplicate not start at the original position?
  4. Dear fellow VW enthusiasts! I made my own lighting instrument. It is a 2D and 3D symbol, with a default lable ledgend. I also attached lighting records to it. I can put them in my drawing and everything seems ok, i Even simplified the 3D object to the absolute minimum to keep it simple. When I try to duplicate 16 of them along a path VW2020 just shuts down. I tried duplicating just 1 symbol and that works, then I try a few more and no chance. Vectorworks doesnt even think about it. Just shuts down. Im using vw2020 and im on Mojave (Mac). How can I try to find out whats wrong? EDIT: Ive just tried inserting a default symbol from the VW2020 library. Same issue. What can it be? Is Catalina a better match with VW2020 than Mojave? Magnus
  5. Issue: When adding Layers to a document by way of importing them from another saved document, it is not possible to import layers that have the same name as a layer in the destination document. To import these layers requires possibly unwanted changes to the receiving document or to the source document (which is a also little convoluted considering...) See attached screenshot excerpt from this Vectorworks Help page. Proposed Solution: Have a name-edit dialogue appear under applicable circumstances that offers to prepend or append the names of duplicate layers being imported. - I expect this would be better than asking to rename every applicable instance, because if a user is importing many design layers that have duplicate names it would be a cumbersome process to address them all individually.
  6. I found a PDF Page anomaly. Probably a bug with a strange and easy workaround. The Setup: •Import a pdf with vectors. •Same result if Drag/drop or File>Import>Import PDF •Enable the OIP option for Snap to Geometry. •Verify that the snaps are working •Duplicate (cmd D) the PDF Page. •Note that the Snap option is enabled in the duplicate. The Bug: Snaps to geometry in the duplicate PDF Page are not working, even though the OIP option is enabled. Toggle the option off/on does not cause enable the snaps. The Workaround: Copy/Paste the duplicated PDF page. (delete the Dupe if desired) Snaps in the Copy are working as expected. Notes: 1. The snap dead duplicate(s) can be ungrouped and the underlying vectors are available as expected. 2. Same results if PDF crops are in play. Cropped duplicate has no snaps (except the perimeter crop points). Copy/Paste of the cropped duplicate snaps as expected. -B PDF Snaps.vwx
  7. I have my 2018 VW on my desktop and am going to be traveling with a laptop. How do I put a copy on my laptop?
  8. I would love in Vectorworks if the Duplicate Circular Array had a new radio button to the left of angle between duplicates and a radio button, text box and button under angle between duplicates to divide items into angle. So instead of setting the angle between duplicates the text box and button divide the number of duplicates into the total angle e.g. Array these 8 items around 360º to get an angle of 45º between duplicates. I am aware of that you can type in the total angle divided by number in the angle between duplicates box but it would save multiple steps every time I go to duplicate array because I could just leave it on the divide by 360 which is most of what I use duplicate array for.
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