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  1. I have my 2018 VW on my desktop and am going to be traveling with a laptop. How do I put a copy on my laptop?
  2. creatrix

    Interior T&G depiction

    Thanks so much Brandon! Yes that is super helpful!
  3. creatrix

    Interior T&G depiction

    Thanks Peter! But I'm not able to find how to put a wood floor in — I guess that's either how green I am, or notes the lack of search features on VW help.
  4. Would someone tell a greenie how to create and apply v-groove cladding to interior walls? I'm not talking about paneling but individual 1x6 T&G. thanks in advance!
  5. iMac 10.13 VW 2018 Wondering why when I create an image in the Resource Browser, the image looks so much worse than when I bring the image in from a screenshot directly? The tiles on the right are from the RB and the ones on the left are screenshot import resized. Center tile piece is also from RB and looks ok but I figure that's because it is more complex visually.


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