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  1. Brooklyn would you mind telling me how you got out of the Polygon Marquee Mode? I don't see an indicator that there is another mode for selection or rectagnle. This is driving me crazy!!
  2. Thanks Wes! The ones I have looked at are Sketchup or Collada. When I try to import with SketchUP, I'm told File could not be imported and not supported?
  3. I've searched every vehicle in the Resource Man. and can't find anything as large as a Suburban (18'6x7'). Anyone know where I can get a 3D CAD block, or what ever it is called?
  4. @Benson Shaw Finding somewhat similar work flow but unfortunately, I'm going to have to break from this process. I have ignored paying clients for weeks! I'll ask the Universe for more understanding than I have now when I return but very much appreciate all the help given.
  5. 😪@Wes Gardner I've asked Benson this question but will ask you too. I'm going through your thread (🙏) and wondering since I have done the entire plan in 2D mode, what is the best way to merge my exterior wall and slab creation with all that I have on my plan (dimensions, notes, interior walls, roof, windows and doors)? I am reading all the way through and maybe getting ahead of myself but I am needing to make some money and stop benefitting HFH at my expense! (yes, I know, whoa is me😪 and my whining!)
  6. Would someone be kind enough to tell me what I've done wrong with my slab? I've entered -1 for delta Z. Stacking order is Roof 1, Plan 2 and Slab 3. I thought I could drag it down in view shown but I can't, it disappears. Also I must have drawn it in Title Block class and when i attempt to rename, it disappears again. What the hell have I done?
  7. I've selected the polyline tool and chosen a bright color (thanks!) but I don't get a line visible on the wall when I draw?
  8. Wow Benson, this is awesome! I am attempting to follow on the back side since it is not a mirror image of front. I do not see 3D in OIP? Great to disable autojoin because that is definitely causing issues.
  9. OMG I think I got it! Thanks to each and every one of you that helped. The Taos Habitat for Humanity thanks you!
  10. I believe I'm closer in terms of Boh's method but can't figure out how to rotate the inverse object(yes Boh, that odd shape is what I want the wall to fit to on the underside) that I want the wall shaped by? I'd love to have the knowledge to do what you suggest line-weight, but I don't. I'm f+^$^&*ing sick of this, including my ignorance!
  11. I've made headway but am not remembering how I got the wall to be vertical? I did it before but I've done so many things, my mental state is shot. Could someone just remind me how to get the wall vertical? Anyone?!@#R$%^&&*
  12. @line-weight I'm getting clearer on what I need to do but no clearer on how. I now see the inverse on cberg's example but I don't know how to make it. Can I use a polygon, extrude it and then create an inverse in easy steps? Any specific direction much appreciated!
  13. No that's not what I intended. I guess I did what cberg said incorrectly ("You need to work with 3d solids for this to work. It looks like you have made the actual shape of the wall you want to build. You need to extrude the inverse of that shape as your 3D bounding object. Put the extruded object or generic solid into the vertical position that you need and make sure it is on another layer. Then select both the wall and the object to fit the wall to, and select fit to objects in the AEC menu".) and it must be just an extruded solid. I don't believe I understand how to work in 3d solids or what a 3D bounding object is? I am so grateful for all of this help!
  14. Thanks for input zoomer but I don't have enough knowledge to understand anything you've said. @cberg I believe I have slogged through it and done as you recommended — thank you greatly! Could you tell me why I am not able to get fill in the new wall like the other walls? It was somehow still on the Layer that I created it and I put it in the Exterior Wall class on my floor plan layer as well as my floor plan layer.
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