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  1. Onink

    Text placement

    When I want to place a text I type 1 (for the shortcut) and click on the screen. But instead of seeing the textbox where I clicked, it shows up 300mm lower. I can still type and all, but it's really annoying that I have to drag the text to where I want it to be. I probably adjusted a setting somewhere, but I can't figure out what it is... Anybody have an idea?
  2. Onink

    Cabinet not functioning

    Marissa, I think the operation was succesfull, but the patient died after all.😥 The rewiring looks very tidy and straight, but every value is set at 0 and won't change after I give it a different input. Vectorworks is having a hard time handling it, with not responding for half a minute. I'm gonna rewrite the whole thing and see if that's the solution. I will try to make it as nice and tidy as you did.😊
  3. Onink

    Cabinet not functioning

    Thanks for cleaning up my mess. I know where I went wrong. I used the cabinet from Jonathan Pickup which he uploaded 1st of February 2017 on this forum. And I copied and adjusted and copied nodes to get the cabinet working the way I wanted. And it did up to a certain point. What you describe is what I’ve seen indeed, but I couldn’t find out what was wrong.I will have a look at what you’ve managed to save and recover. Maybe I will build it up completely new. Thanks again for your help. An other question: Is there a tutorial or explanation on how to create a red symbol?
  4. Onink

    Cabinet not functioning

    Hi Marissa, Thanks for looking into it. It was made in VW 2018. The reason it is stretched could be because I’ve made in scale 1:20. Otherwise I wouldn’t know. I’m wondering what you will come up with.
  5. Onink

    Cabinet not functioning

    I've made a cabinet with some functions and made it a symbol. So I can place it in an other drawing and undo the symbol (cntrl-K) and then adjust it. But when I place it in an other drawing and try to adjust it, is not complete any more. Sides are missing or it is gone completely How can I check where it malfunctions? It works just perfect in the drawing i've made it in. Onderkast 3 fronten check.vwx
  6. Onink

    Y value calculation sheet

    Marissa, Kevin, Has there been any developments about this problem so far? I've found an addition to this: When I create an extrusion it measures it the way it should (for what's possible with 'topbound-botbound'). But when I rotate and duplicate it, the duplicate values 'topbound-botbound' are the same as the width value. I rotated it in 2d/plan. Could you check if this works the same with you guys?
  7. Onink

    Classes won't change in cabinet

    I just can't believe I missed that.😣 Thanks for helping out.
  8. Onink

    Classes won't change in cabinet

    Thanks for your reply. Where can I find the settings for 'use at creation'? I find it a bit odd, because in the original cabinet everything works without the extra node. See attachment. Parametric cabinet base.vwx
  9. When I change the colour of the class my cabinet doesn't adjust to this colour. I have created multiple cabinets from one base wich works fine. But the cabinet I have attached doesn't change as you can see for yourself. I have changed three classes which the cabinet uses, but they all remain white. Does anyone have any idea, what might be the cause? Any suggestions or ideas to simplify my cabinet are welkom... I get the idea this one is made more complicated then needed. Parametric cabinet.vwx
  10. Onink

    Placing symbols using node

    Thanks a lot. It works like a charm!!
  11. Onink

    Placing symbols using node

    Is there an input node where you can select a value from a pulldown menu in the OIP? For example: I have a Lemans cabinet with specific widths. In the OIP it says 'Lemans 600' and the values that comes out is 600mm. And one for 'Lemans 500' outcome 500mm. And also for a 450mm and 400mm version. With the outcome I can set the width of the cabinet.
  12. Onink

    Placing symbols using node

    I've got it working, thanks for your help. I think it didn't work because I used a name input instead of a string input.
  13. Onink

    Placing symbols using node

    I can't figure out how to place a symbol in this cabinet that I've made. I know there is a symbol node, but how do I use it? Attached is the cabinet with the symbols (adjustable legs). Marionette cabinet.vwx
  14. Onink

    Automatic scaling and page size

    As I was still trying to figure out the titleblock settings I finally discovered what has changed in VW2018 vs VW 2016, in how to link various items. So I allready found how to link the "sheet size name'. Thanks for the tip though. I will look into the tutorial.. What I couldn't find is a way to link the sequence number of the presentation layers. I can link the presentation layer number, but that not automatic enough for me
  15. I there a way to make the paper size and used scales come in the titleblock automatically? As in picture 1 I am able to get the papersize in there through a record, but that's just for one presentation layer. If I make another presentation layer it will sum up the used papersizes. As you can see in picture 2 And is there a tutorial how to make a new titleblock in VW 2018? I imported this from VW 2016, but now I can't find how one thing is linked to another...


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