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  1. Automatic scaling and page size

    As I was still trying to figure out the titleblock settings I finally discovered what has changed in VW2018 vs VW 2016, in how to link various items. So I allready found how to link the "sheet size name'. Thanks for the tip though. I will look into the tutorial.. What I couldn't find is a way to link the sequence number of the presentation layers. I can link the presentation layer number, but that not automatic enough for me
  2. I there a way to make the paper size and used scales come in the titleblock automatically? As in picture 1 I am able to get the papersize in there through a record, but that's just for one presentation layer. If I make another presentation layer it will sum up the used papersizes. As you can see in picture 2 And is there a tutorial how to make a new titleblock in VW 2018? I imported this from VW 2016, but now I can't find how one thing is linked to another...
  3. Group in viewport shown as wireframe

    Kevin, here's an example. As you can see I've got three cabinets, which were the same symbol. I've made one into a group and one ungrouped. I wonder what could be the issue. In the meanwhile I'm going to download SP 3, let's find out what the've fixed... Symbol group and solids.vwx
  4. Group in viewport shown as wireframe

    What do you mean with matching the group attributes with the elements within? When I create a group with my solids that are in 2 or 3 different classes it should be just fine. This never happened in VW 2016
  5. I have a problem with my viewports. Whenever I want to show my elements that are grouped or a symbol, they are displayed as an wireframe. It doesn't matter if I'm in Open GL or a renderstyle. When I ungroup them the problem is solved, but that's not how it should work. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Network spaghetti

    I'm working with SP2, but I think I allready solved it. I'm working in scale 1:20 and the cabinet was made in scale 1:1. I resized the script elements all together by 20 and that worked. Thanks for your help anyway.
  7. Network spaghetti

    I've started working with marionette through a 3 drawer cabinet from Jonathan Pickup, thanks for that Jonathan! Now I have adjusted this cabinet to my likings, and use it in my drawings. But when I want to adjust it in a different drawing and open the script it looks like spaghetti Is there a simple way in keeping the nodes apart from each other?
  8. Measurement units disabled (or not)

    Hello Nikolay, Is SP 3 out yet? Oh, I just saw it was out in English, but not in Dutch yet. I didn't receive a notification on this one. Just to mention it (I allready mentioned this at Service Select Benelux): I get the message that I can upgrade to the R2 version of SP2, But this is an upgrade for Interior cad users and I don't have Interior cad. And when I do upgrade the message comes back in a couple days. Here's what it says. Your version: Vectorworks 2018 Service Pack 2 (Build 401138/407107) Current version: Vectorworks 2018 Service Pack 2 (Build 401138/407107) R2
  9. I don't want the measurement unit to be displayed at the dimension lines. So i disabled it in the document settings. But every time I change something in the titleblock, the units are back on again. Does anybody have the same experience?
  10. Y value calculation sheet

    Marissa and Kevin, thanks for your help. Using the "=TOPBOUND-BOTBOUND" formula does get what I want, but it also puts me back to VW 2016 where I needed to put the object in top view to get the right dimensions out of it. In perspective view this formula will measure what it sees. I don't know if you guys saw this... As I was used to this in VW 2016, I'm happy for now. But I do hope there will be a solution soon.
  11. Y value calculation sheet

    The text is in Dutch, but I think you'll manage As you can see the Y value is the same as the Z value. I've got =HEIGHT for the Y value and =LENGHT for the Z value and the both record the same. Calculationsheet Y value.vwx
  12. I've imported my calculation sheet from VW16 into VW18 and I found out that the Y value is not shown. Instead it shows the Z value. Even when I create a new sheet the Y value is not shown correctly. Anyone else familiar with this problem?


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