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  1. Thanks a lot guys!! This is exactly what I was searching for. I read about the vec3 node, but couldn't think of how to use it. But this is quite simple. I used a list to draw my polyline. Is there a way to extend this list in case I need more points? This is what I needed it for, a side of the Blum Antaro drawers: Rotated polygon.vwx
  2. Can I rotate an extrusion to an other plane with the rotate node? I thought this node would only rotate it on the base plane
  3. Thanks again Alan. But this is only part of what I meant. I probably should have said 'polyline' I want to draw a irregular shape and extrude this in the x or y direction. Any ideas how to extrude this in this direction?
  4. Thanks Alan. Could you save this as a VW2020 file? I can't open it right now...
  5. I have 2 questions: How do I place a 2D shape sideways with nodes? I want to extrude 2D shapes in the x or y direction. And how do I draw a polygon? Is there a tutorial for this?
  6. Thanks, but It doesn't duplicate more items if I want it to. I don't see how I can get my extrusion to be duplicated. This is what I've got so far. It duplicates the original, but the first is in the same position of the original. Extrude and array.vwx
  7. I want to duplicate some extrusions in a marionette object with the duplicate or array node. Both work pretty good, but the original always stays in the drawing, so there are 2 extrusions in one place. How do I delete one of these two? Or have the duplicate not start at the original position?
  8. You're both right, that's what I want. I understand what happens with the dimension class, why it would be screwed up. What I don't understand is why the elimination of the dimension class doesn't work. And sadly Peter, you're script doesn't work either. It says line#1, identifier not declared I know you guys are Dutch speaking, but to do this in Dutch here wouldn't be appreciated 😉 I had this post on the Dutch/Belgium forum, but I didn't get any reaction there...
  9. I've added some of your suggestions. But now the dimensions and the arch sections (yes, they changed as well) turn black, but remain in their class. Here's the script now (maatlijnen is dimensions in Dutch, for our non-Dutch readers...): import vs; vs.DSelectAll() vs.SelectObj("INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & ((T=TEXT)|(PON='Callout')) & (C<>'Maatlijnen')"); vs.DSelectObj("INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (PON='NNA_ArchSection')"); c='Tekst' def DoIt(h): vs.SetClass(h, c) vs.ResetObject(h) return() criteria="(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (SEL=TRUE))" vs.ForEachObject(DoIt, criteria) vs.DSelectAll() I added the Dselect arch section line because I thought it didn't work as PON<>NNA_Archsection I didn't test that option. Does anyone have any idea why my objects turn black, but remain in their class?
  10. I made a script to select text en text callouts to change it's class to the text class. But when I execute this it also changes the dimension lines and text in the color of the text class. But it doesn't put them in that class. Only if it's a single measurement, not the chain measurements. Here's the script: import vs; vs.SelectObj("INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & ((T=TEXT)|(PON='Callout'))"); c='Tekst' def DoIt(h): vs.SetClass(h, c) vs.ResetObject(h) return() criteria="(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (SEL=TRUE))" vs.ForEachObject(DoIt, criteria) What goes wrong here?
  11. I can see how this works as I am testing it, thanks for your advice. Now to implement it in the cabinets I have allready made...
  12. I understand what you mean, but I can't find how to store my part name in the record. Can you help me out?
  13. I guess you're not the one that's missing something...😁 I hadn't found that name node. Thanks, this helps me halfway. I can't name multiple objects the same, since every object must have its own name. So the sides would have to be named different, well that's possible.. How can I name the entire marionette object? In the spreadsheet I would have the name of the cabinets in one column and the name of the parts in another. I don't know if that's going to work, because I would have multiple object with the same name, only from a different object. Any ideas on that?
  14. I found out that naming the extrusions will not work. Is there a way to get the name of the marionette object in a spreadsheet? Or the wrapper name? Any name at all...?
  15. I'm using marionette for cabinets. So the bottom and sides, etc are extrusions. I can give a name to a normal extrusion which I can find in my spreadsheet with it's measurements. But how can I give a name to a extrusion in a marionette object? I want to extract the measurements of my extrusions out of the marionette objects into the spreadsheet.
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