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Duplicate - Circular Array: Button for Divide into 360 Array


I would love in Vectorworks if the Duplicate Circular Array  had a new radio button to the left of angle between duplicates and a radio button, text box and button under angle between duplicates to divide items into angle. So instead of setting the angle between duplicates the text box and button divide the number of duplicates into the total angle e.g. Array these 8 items around 360º to get an angle of  45º between duplicates.


I am aware of that you can type in the total angle divided by number in the angle between duplicates box but it would save multiple steps every time I go to duplicate array because I could just leave it on the divide by 360 which is most of what I use duplicate array for.

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Or perhaps allow the user to enter a degree around which to array the items?  Instead of a default 360 degree radio button, one could type in a value. 


Great idea!  

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Yes, an imput option to specify the total angle for the array and the number of items so that it automatically calculates the angle between items would be nice to have, as not everyone realizes you can use (angle/number of items) to have the angle between items calculated..

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