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Found 12 results

  1. I would like a "target" camera or "target" camera mode where a RW camera can be locked on to a point/object. As I move the camera around (x,y,z) I would like it to automatically adjust its pan/tilt to focus on the target. C4D has a good implementation of what I'm looking for. Kevin
  2. Hello all I've decided to take the plunge and have bought a copy of C4D visualise. Keen to learn new stuff and build my skill set. I'm happy with the renders I get from VWX - just want to see how much better I can get them. I will do all modelling / drawing work in VWX - just use C4D for rendering. Anyone got any hot tips for getting going? I've watched a few videos covering exporting from VWX into C4D but any other tips as I start down this path appreciated. Best Andrew
  3. It is very nice that the Grass Shader in VW also works within Symbols. That makes it easy to create instances of plant tubs or other green furniture. However, that will not work in C4D after Import/Exchange when you keep your Symbols als Instances in VW order. Which I think is the recommended way to go for Symbols. Grass Shader Materials (like Lights) in Symbols will not work as "Render Instances". Export as "Render Instances" is VW's only option to get VW Symbols into C4D and not dissect them into separate geometry. So if you encounter such problems with Symbol exports not working as expected, try to search the Instance Copies in C4D by Name (You can't isolate them by Single Layer (Class) display, as Instances from VW unfortunately don't have a Layer assigned like their Symbols Original) and deactivate the Instance Copies "Render Instances" option - so they will work again.
  4. Is there any other rendering engines that can be used to speed up the Hidden Frame rendering? Since this isn't a GPU based render, I didn't know if Octane could be used to make this a GPU render? I'm trying to avoid buying a 16 core Xeon if there's a GPU rendering option available? I would think a GTX 1080 (CUDA) would render a Hidden Frame quicker than a CPU? Maybe I'm wrong? Does anyone have some experience with this? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have large Problems in C4D with my Exchange Geometry from VW. C4D runs smoothly for a while but at a certain points there starts some beach balling for simple steps like renaming an object or that a simple view change needs a redraw. It feels like every new beach ball needs double the time than the one before. Very soon you reach minute long intervals and have to restart. C4D will not need more RAM or much CPU. In that case even closing C4D needs much longer than normal. After restart I can work again for a while until that problem starts again. I tried everything like cleaning Materials, Settings or renounce Advanced OpenGL + lowest settings. Im on nMac Pro, Sierra, VW 2017 and C4D R18, (but R17 doesn't help either). Temp/Backup Files are on local PCI SSD, Files on the external SSD. I use "by VW order" to keep Story Visibility control. What I notice is, if C4D starts these freezes and intervals are still realistically short, If I'm able to switch the whole VW Import Group Folder invisible for Viewport, my C4D gets back to a normal state without any lags. I have no problems with my C4D-only geometry like landscape and plants, which are far more complex than VW Architecture (at least concerning Poly Count). Also Rendering is not a Problem. The only way for me to work is by setting whole VW geometry to invisible for Viewport. So I think this is related to GPU and OpenGL together with VW geometry. Has anybody seen similar ?
  6. Hi everyone, is it possible to use normal maps in vectorworks? Or will this be a feature for 2018 when it has the r18 integrated?
  7. 1. Auto Rotate When I use many (20-60) image Props inside a Symbol which is distributed over the file and have "Auto Rotate" on, All of their instanced copies will come in to C4D in a special Folder (Auto-rotating Image Props), by every single element separated. About 560 pieces in my case. However they won't work in C4D as they don't get a "Look at Camera" Tag. This is pretty useless. It counteracts the new Symbol Import System in C4D Exchange. So I vote for either : a) "Auto Rotate" in Image Props setting getting deactivated or ignored when Exporting to C4D or b) Providing a "Look at Camera" Tag in C4D so that they work as in VW with "Auto Rotate" If "Auto Rotate" Off, Image Props will stay in their Symbol as expected and each Symbol package will be instanced only at least, as Render Instances. (Which is ok in my Planters example)
  8. Most of those textures are just black. Does that seem correct?
  9. I wondered if I am doing something wrong? When I go to C4D with a project, all my lights have the correct position and beams but they are not linked to a target. Focus points do import but simply as 3D geometry and without their names. It would be EXTREMELY useful if lights imported with a 'pre-installed' target tag with a null of the focus point, named the same. This may be available already and I'm missing it. Currently I have to rename all the Focus Point Nulls then adjust the axis to the object centre, add a target tag to the lights and then associate each focus point with the tag. This is quite time consuming. I'm not really bothered about the geometry of the lighting fixtures moving, just the ability to create dynamic lighting effects with the lights themselves.
  10. To allow complex C4D Material Compatibility, without bringing that Complexity into Vectorworks and keeping VW Materials reduced, simple and easy was brilliant. I see a ton of Bug Solving in FBX and C4D export also. (Camera Triplicates, Material Duplication and Naming, ...) The new Export Controls are brilliant. Thanks for not forgetting FBX. With these I get a beautiful Vectorworks -> Modo workflow ! This will save an endless amount of time. Same for VW -> C4D Exchange. It saves so many of the tedious workarounds that were needed until now.
  11. Thanks a lot for C4D Exchange updates. Now for the first time I can do a nearly lossless exchange by C4D Exchange and even by FBX. There also were so many silent Bug Fixes that have a huge impact. I am so happy with it now. Nevertheless I have some Wishes for Improvements : 1. Export Units : In VW 2017 the Files still exports in Millimeters. I would like to have Centimeters. Centimeters are a quasi standard in C4D. Most Plugins (e.g. VRAY) just expect Centimeters. Therefore you have to set these to other Units manually each time, if you can at all. Often they don't use real Units but System Units, were they also expect Centimeters. 2. Option to Save different Export Settings like for DWG/DXF 3. Export > Render Mode : This is much better than the need to Render a View before Export. And we could even set one or more Render Styles just for Exports. But if there is also an Option to edit these Settings on the fly, why not just include all relevant Settings directly into the Export Option Dialog. (Tabbed Layout) 4. Export > Scene Organisation : Also I these new Options are far more useful for FBX, in special cases even for C4D than standard VW mode. I realized, for FBX I would like to have the new Option "sort by Textures" + grouped by Layers, to keep Flexibility with Stories. 5. Export > Export There are now Layer Options in the Export Dialog. I think I will need nothing but "All Layers" But still it needs some Layer+ Class Setting before Export. I see Class+Layer Visibility as a Modeling help only and not as a Export Setting. But even if I use a "Saved View" Set before Export, I had to manually Reset everything afterwards for working again. Couldn't there be at least a Saved View Setup selectable like the Render Style above does ? So that the Saved View will control the Geometry Export but not interfere with my working visibilities ? 6. Or better a Dialog like Viewport Organisation under Visibility Mode to control Geometry Export completely from Export Dialog itself. To be able to do the whole Export from Publish Manager like Exporting DWG's ? 7. Or even better, add Options into Class and Layer Settings to set these to a) Export to C4D or not b) Render in RW or not 8. Geometry > Face Orientation > Extrudes Please allow C4D + FBX Exports to have all Face Normals pointing to the outside: This works for Generic Solids, Meshes, ... and Solid Additions Substructions - even when these include Extrudes. Just not for Extrudes. And this effects also most plugins like Stairs, Slabs, Windows, Doors, Structural Components, ... that seem to use Extrudes in their geometries. Can't these be fixed by simply by using the "Reverse Direction" command for Face of the initial 2D Geometry, after Extrusion ? E.g. for a Rectangle, all other faces are correctly oriented. Just the Base Face is flipped. Thanks a lot so far.
  12. I tried a bit with C4D Material Import. 1. C4D R18 with Materials from their Presets. 2. C4D R16 with Materials from their Presets. 3. C4D R18 with Materials that came from a VW RW Textures by Export to C4D. Having a Tex Folder with Textures beside. Only the 3rd attempt worked in some way. I get Image Textures but in wrong Scale (Export was VW cm > C4D mm > VW m) I get Reflections if C4D uses legacy mode only. I get Transparency. So I need help what is the exact Environment thought for this import. Or what parameters I have to apply to be successful. And what is not supported Concerning : Image Textures in C4D > Location, Path Assignments, Mapping Material Settings in C4D > Channels and their Sub Obtions VW 2017 help isn't that informative at this point.
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