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  1. no, but you can go with the c4d export if you own a copy of maxon's cinema4d and here you have all the options. I am going to wish for that because I think it would be a good thing for all of us.
  2. This problem is already reported as a bug. Hope they'll fix it for the next episode ;-)
  3. Hi jmanganelli, I guess no, but you could have a look at Artlantis. Vectorworks has a export just for this program and it can create stunning images. Why..this question can only be answered by someone from the staff. @dinga if you want to speed up things, cpu + ram is the way you can go. otherwise you can start splitting up the image. If read that you can decrease the time by chopping the image up into smaller parts, so the overall process is faster than rendering the picture in one go. If you have a ServiceSelect contract, you could use the cloud for this ;-) > upload your project with everything setup, you'll get a PDF with your rendering back. OpenGL > GPU (max. 8 lights) HiddenWireFrame > CPU Have a good start ya'll!
  4. Thanks for all your comments! I'm going to report this as a bug, because it is a very handy tool that should work propperly. have a great weekand y'all!
  5. Yes, I did both. Because it is not working when it is not a NURBS-Obj.
  6. thank you!
  7. Hi there, lately I am working a lot with the tool "unwinding plane" (don't know how it is called in english). I encountered, that if it is a cylinder, everything is fine, but if this cylinder has something cut out, the plane is a little off on every side. Sometimes visible without zooming in. So the problem is, I want to send this data to a laser cutter and it has to be a 100%. Could someone explain why this is happening? To me it is a more or less simple mathematical thing like pi*D. If you want to test it on your on, just create a cylinder and another one where you cut out something. I used that same cylinder just flipped it 90degrees. Thanks in advance!
  8. Maybe I could send you that graphic(I made it) and you can print it yourself. Currently there are none left...
  9. May this could help: go to your Vectorworks 2017 folder > information > safety and add for the folder the same security level as the administrator, therefore vectorworks has a go with all the executables. this is sometimes a problem. another thing could be, reset your user folder. just add an additional character, you don't have to delete it. When vectorworks is starting againg, it will create y new one by itself.
  10. Hi there folks and friends, at the moment, i am checking different ways on how to get a correct LED light, here you see my test file: rendering with a glowing material makes the render a bit quicker, but i don't have that photometric light that comes with an ies file. so waht is your suggestion on an LED-stripe that you can buy from OSRAM and so on. The one's you attatch on the lower side of your kitchen furniture or tv shelf. Like use a ies-file and use a lot of lights in a row? Is there a passibility to use ies-files with arealights? or line lights? Really looking forward to your comments on this one, and thanks in advance!
  11. You should check out VISION from Vectorworks. Is somewhat a sideproduct but maybe suits your purpose.
  12. png should work, tiff is mostly used for printing. otherwise jpeg is also an option.
  13. also check if there is something else far away on your construction layer...sometimes there is a small line or a rectangle somewhere.
  14. check your point of origin :-) only one and you will get rid of these lines...
  15. you are so wrong can import textures from c4d with the shaders, you just can't edit them. ...stop assuming things you don't know anything about: . . . . . *drops mic*