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  1. Try the following: 1. Delete/Rename your user folder MAC: Library > Application Support > Nemetschek > 2018 change it to _2018 or something else Windows: type in %appdata% in a explorer window find that 2018 folder and do the same thing like delete or rename The user folder will be created on startup again! Don't worry :-) 2. Change to Basic and Back to Designer > Workplaces
  2. How much RAM do these machines have? What about the limitations? = Amount of Layout-Layers // max. process time E.g.: max. 10 layouts with max. 4 viewports on each ? Is there a sheet where I can see the difference between a free and a paid cloud account? I know that I have 20GB of storage but besides that, what else? Thanks in advance !
  3. Hi VW Inc., by any chance...will you update that OpenGL sometime? Still limited to 8... eight! lights. No reflections... check this out: When can we expect an update? Hope 2 hear some good news on this one ;-) Cheers!
  4. Maybe try this: uncheck the 3D geometry in the export dialog, must be on the right side then choose "Export Viewports as 2D Graphic in Model Space"
  5. Check your work space, you can find it in extras..i think on the bottom. change there to another one and see if that makes it better.
  6. Could be file related, check for yourself,...opoen the vex-file with the notepad or editor..there is a lot of stuff that doesn't make any sense...of course, but the first line shows you which version this file was created and which version this file is now handled. For example you are working with 2017 so the version is 22.0, so if it was created with something like 20.0(Vectorworks 2015) or earlier, the problem might be there. Resetting your user folder also might help sometimes. Is your graphic card driver up2date?
  7. Try changing the performance from best compatibility to best performance ..there are 3 options, just change this and see what happens. also your 750m might be not powerful enough.. this card from 2013. How many gig ram does it have? you also might want to check for the this cabinet /application support/nemetschek/2017 ...just change the name, vectorworks will generate a new one with the next start. you have to access the library..hold down alt when you are in the finder go to menu. you won't loose anything by changing the name, later on you can copy things when ur missing them.
  8. Thanks for the tipp! I altes search for "freebies" and add what I need, like 3D Modell or texture and there you'll find a lot of stuff. Here is some free stuff, very high quality: https://www.rd-textures.com. >>> Awesome 0_o https://www.viz-people.com/free-stuff/ https://cgelves.com/freebies/ https://www.toolfarm.com/blog/entry/freebie_3d_mayangs_free_texture_library Also check for C4d Material Packs...you can import them in Vectorworks.
  9. no, but you can go with the c4d export if you own a copy of maxon's cinema4d and here you have all the options. I am going to wish for that because I think it would be a good thing for all of us.
  10. This problem is already reported as a bug. Hope they'll fix it for the next episode ;-)
  11. Hi jmanganelli, I guess no, but you could have a look at Artlantis. Vectorworks has a export just for this program and it can create stunning images. Why..this question can only be answered by someone from the staff. @dinga if you want to speed up things, cpu + ram is the way you can go. otherwise you can start splitting up the image. If read that you can decrease the time by chopping the image up into smaller parts, so the overall process is faster than rendering the picture in one go. If you have a ServiceSelect contract, you could use the cloud for this ;-) > upload your project with everything setup, you'll get a PDF with your rendering back. OpenGL > GPU (max. 8 lights) HiddenWireFrame > CPU Have a good start ya'll!
  12. Thanks for all your comments! I'm going to report this as a bug, because it is a very handy tool that should work propperly. have a great weekand y'all!
  13. Yes, I did both. Because it is not working when it is not a NURBS-Obj.
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