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  1. Thought I'd update this post with a link to a solution, just incase anbody wants a solution. Link to Auto numbering post in general discussions section
  2. Many thanks will give it a go. Glad you posted it, as I could't find it when I did aa search.
  3. Just use the save for web function in Illustrator to save as a png direct
  4. I don't agree with a free version, but I do think that the cost of updates could be looked at also, loose the dongle please. I dread to think what it would cost me to replace it if it was stolen or lost, I have no choice but to take it with me as i work away a lot.
  5. Hi, I'm currently drafting stand layouts for an exhibition, is there a way of auto numbering each stand. I have a work sheet that gives a stand count, But I have to go in an puta syand number on each stand. Thanks in advance
  6. try the videoscreen 4 plugin from Landru design. saves so much time, you can create a screen in seconds, with an image.....best plugin I've got for spotlight
  7. Hi, Was wondering if anybody could shed any light on this little problem. I am currently invovled with draft exhibtion stand layouts for a project. now i have created a symbol for each stand, and i can create a work sheet that keeps track of stand counts for the various layouts, but at the moment I am numbering each stand manually in the relevant viewport. is there a way to actually get the stand to auto label itself when it is inserted on the drawing. many thanks
  8. Thanks Ray, You got me thinking and I've just turned off compatability mode, and Hey now really strange,but suddenly VW2008 works without using compatabilily mode!on this amchine and now saves the files again.
  9. because VW2008 wouldn't run in normal mode
  10. HI, Have just ditched Vista for Windoz 7!! and VW2008 has stoped saving files. I am running it in compatability mode for XP with SP3. The starnge thing is when I save a file sometimes it does actually save the file but I get the following error about a corrupt file. sometime the file is there sometimes it's not, however if I export to VW12 or anyother format there is no issue and I can open the files again as normal, but they still will not save. Has anybody else come across this? Thanks in advance
  11. Had a quick play and here's a sample file to look at. My texture image was n't very hi res but I think it will give you an idea of how to go.
  12. I don't know if it will be of much help, but in Lightwave I created a sharks tooth gauze in the followning way. 1 created a sharks tooth gauze texture. 2 applied this to the object 3 used the same texture for bump and transparency maps. not sure if VW will let you create textures in the same way will have a look and see what can be done.
  13. Has any body got any LED battens or fixture symbols that can actually be used as lamps in a 3d render. Or how do you go about creating from scatch?
  14. Cheers, I have had a play and drawn a basic stand but, it's not height adjustable. but gradually getting there
  15. Hi, Anybody know of any 3d models of lighting stands, something like a manfrotto wind up thanks in advance
  16. is it this size Trilite link
  17. I used to have this issue, is the light on the same layer as the object your projecting onto, i.e. put your gobo projecting lamps on your set layer
  18. please please please could we have a Luminoisty control, so that any object could radiate light. Also why not talk to the guys at Worley Labs and see if they can create an Fprime plugin for VW/Renderworks so that we could have a real time preview of renders as we work. Fprime saves no end of time when working in Lightwave. cheers
  19. Cheers Michael, will give it a go
  20. Hi, Is there a way to give an object luminosity (i.e. so that it basically becomes a light source and emits light) I am working on a project and wanted to create an effect similar to a rope light. In a 3D app this is quite easy just create a line for a rope and then place a load of small spheres along it and give these a colour and luminosity level. Any ideas how to achieve this in VW08, I had tried it using point source lights but realy you want to see the actual light source and not just the light. I tried placing a point light inside a sphere with transparency set but this didn't work. thanks in advance
  21. THat was my problem!, didn't have a fill selected
  22. Are you running more than one application while in VW, I sometimes get this message if I have a memory hungry app like photoshop open in the background.
  23. ok so I've just discovered the fact that you have to have the gobo projector in the same layer as the 3d object (bit of a pain really as it's nice tp put the lamps on their own layer) anyway have sorted that out but still no gobo projection! any suggestions
  24. looks like a typo in the manual! Manual says de-select Ray traced shadows and select shadow mapped shadows. If I reverse this setting Gobos appear! saying that I have just tried to update another drawing and they're still not working!!!!
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