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  1. Better link here= http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/ServicePack.php?major=2010&servicepack=2&series=E&platform=WIN Looks like it's only a windows update currently, and I can't get it to work on the 30 day 2010 trial.
  2. OK, I have the Navigation Palette in Designer 2009, and I use it constantly, love it, can't live without it.... BUT, i just went to a co-workers computer and realized he didn't have it (fundamentals)... "this menu item is not authorized" WHY would such a basic useful tool not be included in Fundamentals? AND how can I make it work, ie = create a custom toolbar that does the same thing? - for those who have fundamentals - the navigation palette is a simplified version of the "organization" dialog box that you can leave docked on your environment. It allows you to turn on/off layers, classes, views, etc, without any effort.
  3. I've watched the video on texture mapping improvements for Renderworks... Anybody know if mapping on curved surfaces has been improved? I find that mapping an image on a curved banner is a nightmare... just curious if this was an improvement? In regards to 3D Dimensioning - with the new Unified 2d/3d view, would I be able to dimension an object in elevation, and then have the dimension stay correctly positioned as I dimension the plan, then viewing as an Isometric, thus giving basically the 3d dimensioning? Basically, do the measurements stay in Plan only plane, or do they work with the new unified views? Also, anyone have a grasp on what the "actual" multi core capabilities are? VW2009 says it's multi core, but it's never used more than one core for me... even renderworks... Just wondered if VW2010 actually uses multi cores for anything.
  4. Thank you, that was what I was missing... For others who are interested - You can manage your serial numbers in Vectorworks Preferences, the Session Tab. I knew it was simple, I just couldn't find it...
  5. I'm sure this is simple, and just eluding me... We have many seats of VW2009 Fundamentals, but only 2 of Renderworks, and I want to swap serial / versions between two of my users. Is there a simple way to swap versions without uninstalling / re-installing on two computers?
  6. lcda very nicely done... looks great.
  7. That may be exactly what I need to do for all of my future drawings. Thank you! I am researching it right now, it looks like I may be able to add all of my libraries as references in my templates, and that would be perfect for all of my future drawings...
  8. That sort of works... but only partially in my situation... All of the files are named the same, BUT, I have a lot of symbols, from a lot of different folders. I can select multiple items (all in the same symbol folder) and import them, that would work. Unfortunately, I have them all spread out over different libraries and folders.. I was hoping for a "update all symbols in drawing from libraries..." assuming that all symbols are named the same, and would come from the same library location. That's definately faster than updating one by one, I am able to update all of my walls at once, or all of my chairs at once...
  9. Is there a tool (similar to replace) that will update all symbols in a drawing from the libraries? Some of our libraries have changed, and being able to select multiple symbols, or all, would make life easy.... Did a search on the forums, and didn't see anything, also searched help, couldn't find anything there either...
  10. Couple of things to think about... IF you draw in 3d, you will need to export from VW in a 3d mode/view... (5 on the numpad is 3d Plan, 0 on the numpad is 2d Plan) VW will not export both 2d and 3d portions of symbols to autocad. So if you're in a 3d view, it will export the 3d data, if in a 2d view, etc... On my Export options, I only select "classes" and "exported as invisible layers" I UNSELECT EVERYTHING else... that works the best with autocad. I would never want to rescale layers, and you can decide whether or not you need hatches or images, mapping line weights always seems to be a nightmare... anyway, hope that helps a little.
  11. Sometimes it's easier to re-trace the entire logo using the polyline tool... you should be able to get a good result for your needs. If you're using it in a drawing, you'll be much happier with how much faster your drawing works.
  12. Here's my wish list, and forgive me if these have been repeated a million times before... 1 Hidden line times are very slow, and larger files often give a "out of memory" error. In comparison to Autocad, it is dreadfully slow... 2 When using transparancy, pdf's become huge, and hidden line takes huge amounts of time... 3 I know I've seen this one before... 3d dimensions, which may or may not include the ability to have text and 2d dimensions show up (relatively) in 3d views..
  13. The answer is to be in 3d mode, not 2d... All of my symbols are hybrid symbols. Make sure you are in 3d Plan, or a 3d Isometric, and then do the DWG/DXF export. If you are in 2d Plan, it will only export 2d, and in 3d Plan, the 3d... I have Autocad 2007, and VW 2009, and this works perfectly. The "zero" key is 2d plan, the "five" key is 3d plan (on the numpad)
  14. Thanks for the quick response. This is not quite what I'm looking for. This basically acts like a standard extrude, but then slices on the curved nurbs surface. I need the logo to actually wrap around the curve. Imagine if I'd like to wrap a logo completely around a column, the project tool wouldn't give the right effect. 3d Studio has a tool called "bend", that is basically what I need.
  15. Is there a way to bend along a path, or just plain bend or arc or curve 3d polylines. I have a vector based logo (custom, not using a font, so I can't use text along path...) It starts out as 2d polylines, and currently I have it as one group of 3d polylines. I am trying to bend it along a curved wall surface. thanks
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