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  1. Hi everybody! I have the following problem: I need a cyclorama 3d-material for a scene I am working on. After not finding anything on the net, and several hours of tiring trial'n'error, I managed to get something that could participate in a cyclorama lookalike contest, but I am still not satisfied, it's always somehow too transparent. Does anybody out there have the material ready or can somebody give me a clue? (I created the following material: Color: Plain color; gray Reflectivity: Translucent Plastic; Ambient 100%, Diffuse 10%, Specular 0%, Roughness 1, Specular color gray, Translucency 80% Transparency: Plain @20% Bump: none Cast and receive shadows on Radiosity overridden to receive light Looks not bad, but neither 100% real) Thanks a lot thomas


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